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[NSW] Ride to Wisemans ferry, Mon Apr 13th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: goz

    Righto, the T.I.T.I crew are going on a ride to Wisemans Ferry on Monday 13th April... (Easter Monday)(Public Holiday)

    Meeting point will be..

    Shell Servo
    Cnr Windsor Rd & Olive St Baulkham Hills


    9am - depart 9:30am



    ... more

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  2. Sounds like a great day out! Wish I was geared up and ready to go :(
  3. Count me in (weather permitting)!

  4. id like to go. im local, hills area too.

    but i might be working. ill watch this thread. i missed the not HRCA ride because:

    1. i went to rouse hill maccas.
    2. i turned up at 10am.

    lol. went riding with a crazy indian on a ZX10R i picked up there instead.
  5. hoya goz,

    i'm in.
  6. good'o will be a ripper day, shame u havnt got licence and bike lucy, good roads to learn on
  7. Tell me about it!!!

    Just makes me want to get it happening all the more ;)

    Make sure you guys take pics - thats an order lol
  8. pics is where its at, there will be plenty
  9. Cool looking forward to seeing them :)

    I want names too, need to put a face to them all lol
  10. Weather saying it "MIGHT" rain on Monday...

    Ill make the final call on Sunday 7pm if to go ahead or cancel
  11. Aww yeah, counting on the Motorcycling gods to smile on me monday! I'll be there if its on.
  12. fingers crossed
  13. ah geez goz, 9am .. you'd think it was work!
  14. u need your beauty sleep chris?
  15. Monday Showers.

    City: Min: 18 Max: 22
    West: Min: 15 Max: 23

    check back here Sunday 7pm to see if its cancelled or not..
  16. yeah, so you'll just have to put up with me being ugly :LOL:
  17. what time do you think you will be getting back to Windsor Goz?
    I might jump on the band wagon
  18. I'll be there unless I have rels sleeping off hangovers on my lounge from Sunday. If I'm not there, don't wait for me.
  19. hey im new to the site im in for monday if it is still on look forward to meeting you all
  20. Hey pug, hope to see you Monday. Vic too if he's around.

    chad, give us a spiel about yourself over in the welcome lounge eh?