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[NSW] Ride to Road Warriors Cafe, Mon Oct 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Future

    Suggest we meet at Mobile Servo Berowra at 11:15am for an 11:30 departure up the Old Pac. Would be good if we all pitch in say $5 (or however much you want to give) each for the ride to be given to Friends of Racing4MS.

    I have flagged this as a Sig...

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  2. If you are intrested please let me know. :grin:
  3. i'll be there but will be riding up with the ORS guys, im not letting DD stop me from riding (i hope i dont later regret saying that)
  4. What is ORS?
  5. oroadsports

    not sure if i should be pimping another site here so yeah search for it
  6. U think all this Bikers should fit in :?: :?:
    Hope no Krispy Kreme eater :bolt: [-o<
  7. RW will need more parking spots
  8. See you at Berowra Ross. :grin:
  9. Looks like I will be 2 up after all. Lilly should be with me. So it will be a slow run for us up the old Pac. She had dinked around the suburbs here but not this far. She is up for it. :grin:
  10. ive been asked by a friend to go with her to a BBQ at road warriors on monday. same thing? if so ill be there a little latter on.
  11. Yep same do. :)
  12. We might even have a back up car too. Wendy and Heather want to come and as they all wont fit on the MuZ they might come in the car. :grin:
  13. Sorry about this late notice, but I've just been advised of a change of plan. Don't wait for the "coffee crew" at berowra Ross. We'll see you at Road Warriors. :grin:
  14. I know about this change of plan. :grin:
  15. Anyone travelling in or through the Royal National Park today, be aware that there is a bushfire in the Bundeena area and the roads are likely to have emergency vehicles on them and they have right of way......
  16. Thank you to all that came on this ride today. I know if was a slow run up the old pac but still a good one.

    Also good to see the other Netrider group come in from Wisemans.

    Both groups had no offs. No tickets. Well done all.

    I will post up some photos later tonight or tomorrow.
  17. Thanks for advertising this day at Road Warriors Ross....it was great to meet Wendy, Heather and Lilly...say hi from me. There were plenty of nice bikes on show and the BBQ was tops.

    We just couldn't believe it....3 netriders winning raffle prizes. Dennis, Kim and Tony....then Dennis won again!

    I just waved goodbye to the bunch as they turned off at Gilbert Rd to head home. It was a great day of riding....with the wind being the new challenge to overcome for today! Thankyou so much to everyone for making today so enjoyable.....and sitting on that Boulevarde was a def high! :grin:
  18. Some of the Netrider gang that was at Rood Warriors today. Sorry I didn't get a shot of everyone...



  19. thanks for a great day, cheers :grin:
  20. thxs for organising this Future. It was a nice slow ride to road warriors, glad we went slow too with all the coppers around. And I just realised today how slippery those shiny black strips on the road can be!!!

    The four of us went on to Wiseman's ferry after that. Was a helluva bumpy ride