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[NSW] Ride to RAAF Airshow, Sun Oct 22nd

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. meet at homebush bay brewery at 10am
    Added to Calendar by: Micky

    There is an airshow at RAAF Richmond on the 21/22nd October.


    Some wannabe fly-boi's and fly-gurl's will be going to have a look.

    Exact route and details to follow in thread discussion.

    Maybe afternoon lunch at Windso...

    ... more

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  2. I am keen but can't commit at the moment (commitmentphobia)

    flyboy and flygirl?

    if you don't call sitting in a boat swimming, why calling riding in an aircraft flying? Come skydiving people! (although without a wingsuit, it's more like falling than flying :p )
  3. And i'll promise TopGun quotes will be limited to one.

    So on the ride there, I'll lead, so you can be my wingman anytime . . . :rofl:
  4. I'm in.

    There's two O's in Goose.
  5. I'm in at this stage :grin:
  6. Anyone else think that Scrambles has lost that loving feeling ?? :)

    I might be keen, ill keep you posted
  7. nah, Scrambles looks half harder than he looks ! :LOL:

    . . . . its not his riding man, it his attitude !
    Every time he goes out riding he's dangerous . . .

    There goes the promise of 1 Top Gun quote !
  8. Sounds good .

    I feel the need the need for speed.! :LOL:
  9. "Your ego is writing cheques your body can't cash"

    Meanwhile I'm "flying rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong" so I'm out(3 points ride).

    I would have beeen able to get some freebies but I don't work for RAAF anymore. After one too many highspeed flypasts of the control tower(and one Admiral's daughter) I'm now working for Truckmaster. :LOL:
  11. Hate to ask obvious questions, but..................

    Where from at what time?

    Tossing up between this and the pink ribbon ride starting at St George which is close to home.

    Finally got my CX650 on the road and legal, looking for a not too hectic ride to get a few miles up.

  12. I'd love to come, got that 'loving feeling'.

    Will see how I go.
  13. Penny Benjamin??
  14. yep !

    People are meeting at Homebush and head out to the RAAF base via Windsor Rd.

    I'll be meeting up with the group at Glenwood Caltex, Old Windsor Rd.

    I think Dante and haggis will be determining the meeting time at Homebush.

    So over to guys ! ;)
  15. I suggest 10am at Homebush Bay Brewery. Anybody got anything to add?
  16. harray!!!!!!!!!! I think I will be in, but what time you meeting at Glenwood caltex?
    This is my first ride with you guy's, I'm a little nervous lol.
    Be gentle!!!!
    Cheers Lou
  17. Probably around 11.15 if we get away from Homebush by 10.30. Don't worry we are really tender :wink:
  18. All Hornet riders are nice people, Lou, especially Haggis, he's a grand-dad :LOL:
  19. but cheeky! watch out Lou :wink:

    Any thought on leaving time? (I mean leaving the air show)
    according to the web info:
    Micka you can get in cheap :LOL:
  20. Thanks for the warning chrissieyeh.

    I can be cheeky too. lol
    C u all Sunday hopefully
    Cheers Lou