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[NSW] Ride to Kiama - Jamberoo, Sunday October 21., Sun Oct

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Kris

    Sunday October 21– New South Wales – HONDA ROAD RIDE.
    Sydney City HRCA (HONDA Club) – Jamberoo
    Meet At Mc Donalds, Intersection Princes Highway and Heathcote Road, Heathcote. Meeting Time: 8.30am / Departing Time: 9.00am. Route: Old Princ...

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  2. I'll see you there Colrr :p

    Any brand motor bikes are welcome. (for those who are PM me)
  3. I think I might join this ride sounds good.

  4. Hi Anzac you will meet the same bike Hyosung with Hibiya another netrider here.

    C u there .. :grin:

    Sunday weather
    Mostly sunny
    Min: 18°C Max: 30°C
  5. I met this happy group at the Robertson Pie Shop this arvo. Looked like a well-organised ride, and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun, having just ridden up the Macquarie Pass.
  6. wish i could have joined in.
    family day for me today.
    i will keep my eye out for the next one.
    top day for it, hey!
  7. Was going to go on this but donalo74 and I decided to do a run through the RNP and then to Macquarie Pass. Glad a good time was had by all.
  8. awesome day yesterday.
    some mashals werent doing their job so some people got lost.
    (including me :( ) but it was all good at the end. cant wait for the next one :grin:
  9. getting lost is all part of the fun

    running out of fuel would not be so fun...
  10. Hi guys,

    I really enjoyed (yesterday) ride with HRCA club they are really friendly people and they are about 45 bikes.

    Here are the photos below:

    One of the Marshal "Obey the Road Traffic ruler, no take over from the left and dont take over on double line mark, follow the speed limits sign ....etc"

    Marshal said "5 Minutes going" meaning put on your gears and be prepare t o hit the road soon.




    Arrived at Kiama with beautiful weather




    Having lunch at Jamboree pub



    My mates from netrider...


    For those who are missed out, there will be another ride on the 11th November, see you there.