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[NSW] Ride to Kangaroo Valley, Sun Aug 27th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: mitch

    We'll be meeting at the Heathcote Caltex on Sunday 27th August at 10am. Intended route is .... Nasho, coast to Bulli, Marshall Mt, Mac Pass, Kangaroo Valley, Cambewarra, Berry, Jamberoo, Mt Keira and maybe through the Nasho again.

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  2. This sounds a very nice ride. :cool:
  3. whilst i am busy caging it home from canberra i hope you guys enjoy the roads around berry, cambewarra and kangaroo valley that i made especially for you all :(
  4. I think I'm in, since this one IS open to learners as well :)

    Gotta figure out where Heatcote caltex is.. can I get any street names, anyone?

  5. ...Princess Hwy
  6. anybody know who mitch is?
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  8. I wish Mitch had checked with me before posting this ride. If people want to join in that's fine, but it's for EXPERIENCED riders only. There will be very little waiting, so if you can't keep the pace you will get lost.

  9. Hey Snapey, sorry mate.... :(
  10. No Worries mate. Ok guys you can count me out of the ride.
  11. Yea guys I'm out too.
  12. hey everyone,

    i'm definitely interested, got to check on the schedule for what's on this wkend but i'll be there if i'm free. Though i'm only on my L's do i have to be on unrestricted for the ride????
  13. Skuff, you know I won't be around on the Sunday, but I thought I'd just use this opp. to mention the urban warfare we'll be partaking on the Saturday seeing as how our calendar entry was rejected for being too vague.

    Me and Skuff will be going for a blat from wherever he's staying in the city to Parramatta for dinner and drinks at the Owl Restaurant. Anyone who's interested, we're meeting in the city (somewhere) and sometime in the evening (whenever Mitch is settled and ready to go back out again), so if you're keen PM me with your number so's I can let you know the finer points of this 'unofficial' ride...

  14. Is anyone else coming to the ride tomorrow? Rollcall please?
  15. According to snapey you have to be mick dohen
  16. I'm not doing the rider (already posted so) but Mitch rang from Holbrook earlier this morning and at that stage the Saturday night event was still on and I'm keen to meet up with Mitch and Pete.

    PM sent, Pete

    And before everyine gets toey about the standard of the ride, Mitch only gets up here about once a year, and given that he's an ex-super-sport road racer, he's not a beginner. If you can't make it on the ride with him, it's because he's considering YOUR situation, not who he rides with. And it's only one ride; there are plenty of others.....

    I should add that if you haven't ridden the Southern Highlands roads, this would definitely NOT be the day to start learning them :LOL:
  17. In that case, I am out of this ride. :( :( :(
  18. I might, sounds like something to do with a good lazy start time :LOL:

    If a noisy red ZX6R and rider pull in that will be me.
    But dont wait around.
  19. Ah good to know, thanks hornet600... see ya at the next ride then :)
  20. Hey all,

    Sorry for the late response on the ride update. Well, we had a great days worth of riding with a great group of people. All total, the ride started with 9 riders:
    5 x GSX1400's.....
    1 x KTM Super Motard
    1 x ZZR250 - ex-learner but willing to give it a go and a lovely lady to boot
    1 x ZXR750 - not a bad rider indeed
    1 x ZXR600 - another lovely lady

    The ride commenced gradually and then worked into the frenzy once we passed Bald Hill lookout. We DID WAIT for people at all the checkpoints so there was nothing to worry about. The pace in the twisties was brisk, peg dragging fun (hell, put new tyres on a week earlier and looks like I need another rear). I must say, there are some great roads in the area and the surface is pretty grippy.

    I must confess, it had been about 6 months sicne my last decent ride so the first couple of hours was getting back upto speed. The road surfaces in NSW seem more abrasive than Melbourne. This is a good thing.

    Alas, great ride, great company and thanks to all for coming along and making me feel welcome.