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[NSW] Ride to Headlands Hotel, Austinmer, Sun Apr 23rd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Ride to Headlands Hotel, Austinmer

    Sunday 23rd April 2006
    MEET Loftus Oval, 10.00am
    Departing Loftus Oval 10.30am

    Riding trough the Royal National Park, onwards to Headlands Hotel, Austinmer for Lunch.
    Return via another senic route or via hig...

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  2. Keen. Count me in at this stage.
  3. How long does the whole trip take?

    Count me as a maybe.
  4. ariveing at the hotel aproximatly midday have lunch and a yarn and back to sydney so 330 ish ? 4ish ?
  5. OK still count me as a maybe

    Wife might be pissed off if I spend that much of the weekend away without her...sounds like a good ride, but also a good way to get my nuts crushed :LOL:
  6. INNER for now that is

    Just did my first RNP run on the 2nd, very interesting :shock: with the blind corners and the drifting onto oncoming traffic :twisted: :twisted:
  7. People on bikes have bad accidents in the RNP all the time. Even local riders.
    If you were drifting into oncoming traffic on your first ride thru the Park it tells me you were riding too fast or beyond your ability.

    I am not being nasty, just pointing out what you posted yourself.

    The RNP is not a place for mistakes.
    And when you drifted into oncoming traffic you could have forced another biker ( or a car driver) to change his line and run off the road. Or worse.
    Think about that.
  8. Sounds good ,im a maybe as always not knowing the shift im working.
    I will show you Loo Loos cafe at the Tops .

  9. Count me in..Except Ill be heading home from Austinmer..
  10. I'd like to come, as long as I don't have to ride behind Mabo :LOL:
  11. Alright Dante, I'll post that I'm coming even though I PM'd you. Are you trying to get my post count up? :wink:
  12. Are you the post Anti-Whore? :grin: A very rare breed indeed.
  13. In, defo. Day after my Birthday too :)
  14. Or get her into riding too, you can spend more time together :)
  15. OK Dante count me in
  16. Hey guys, new to these forums so dont take the piss out of me but count me in as a maybe, sounds like fun, have never been on a cruise before so ill try my best :cool:
  17. Hey Tweekz, everyone's welcome, the more the merrier :grin:
  18. u got msn hornet for wallpaper plus look at toher post better wallpaper