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[NSW] Ride to Blue Mountains, Sun Mar 12th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Sydney Ride to Blue Mountains up GW HWY rtn via Bells line.

    Final Meeting Place: 9.30am at Glenbrook Infomation Centre

    Rollcall 10am
    Depart 10.05am

    stop 1.
    somewhere in wentworth falls.

    stop 2.
    farmhouse, little hartley

    return via Bel...

    ... more

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  2. Sydney Ride to Blue Mountains up GW HWY rtn via Bells line.

    Final Departure Meeting Place 9.30am at Glenbrook Infomation Centre


    Rollcall 10am

    Depart 10.05am

    stop 1.
    somewhere in wentworth falls.

    stop 2.
    farmhouse, little hartley

    return via Bells Line of Roads.

    Please ensure you ''sign up'' on this thread if you plan to attend all or parts of this ride.

    feel free organise additional meeting points before Glenbrook with your fellow netriders.
  3. Hey there.

    Yes, count me in. I will be staying at a backpackers in BOndi on Saturday night. So, I will need to get from Bondi to this meeting point. Is there any place I can meet people on the way o should I just head up the hwy????

    Also, I need to be in Jindabyne Sunday night, remembering I will get there via the coast road.... Any recommendations?
  4. Skuffy

    If you want to head for the south coast, the easiest way is on the return leg of the trip at Blacktown take the M7 south, exit left on to the M5, take the 2nd exit off the M5 and follow the road towards Wollongong and South.

    If you want an inland route, no where near as good, but will save time over heading back to Sydney. Head for Bathurst, then south to Cowra, take the Lachlan Valley Way, Cross the Hume onto Barton Way into Canbera, then head south via Cooma to Jindabyne.

    A 2nd inland route would be once you hit the Hume head south-west to the Snowy Mountain Hwy.
  5. Im a maybe as i need to work on the weekend to pay for the bike, I will confirm friday/ saterday.
  6. Hey Canyon

    Thanks for that. Could I also ask to further questions????

    1). Any chance you could get me a map, hand-drawn, showing the best route there

    2). Any chance I could follow you up to the meeting point Sunday morning?? I will be in Bondi...
  7. Inner \:D/

    PM me if anyone near my area that wants to meet up somewhere before heading out.

    ill probly take the Wallgrove rd exit.
  8. Any people want to get together for a saturday night ride?
  9. Gotta bail on Sundays ride, got a band rehearsal thrown at me...

    Skuff, I'm still in for Saturday night, what's the plan? Meet at the back packers about 7ish then just see where the roads take us??
  10. i'd like to come.
    picking up my VTR250 this weekend.
    No better time to get some learner experience and chat to other riders.
  11. Hey Pete,

    Perfect plan...... Meet at 7:00pm and see what happens..... Go riding and scare the locals... upset the police and then go drinking.... Well, for me anyway.... Unless the G/F lets you crash at the backpackers.....
  12. I'll post it in the rides and events section and in the calendar so as not to offend the Mods...
  13. Hey Pete, screw-em... lets be 1% people :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Probably a good idea. Give it a title like..... Saturday Night Madness - Mexican Style... Actually, you know what might be a good idea, go for a ride, have some laughs and then goto a VERY popular spot in Sydney (Like Melbourne's Chapel St) and have Mexican for dinner...... Suppose we can do it in Bondi.

    OK, here is the plan, there is a Mexican place in Bondi... Lets organise a dinner for 8:30pm, Saturday night, Bondi. See who turns up???? Gives us 1.5 hours to run riot....
  14. Too late Skuff, already put in an 'event'.

    How do you feel about BBQ seafood with ocean views...
  15. Oooooooo, Pete. BBQ seafood with Oceanview..... Damn, I feel very special....... OK, i am interested..... Where do you have in mind :eek:

    Sounds good :)
  16. Ever heard of the Newport Arms?? Best damn pub in Sydney. I think it's got the biggest beer garden in NSW, views right over pittwater, beee-yooo-diful women everywhere... And a BBQ seafood platter to die for.

    It'd mean riding for a while up the scenic coast roads of Sydney. Can you handle that??
  17. YEEEEHAAAAAAAAA. Sounds great.....

    Pete, you have no problems with lane filtering and general hooliganism do you. :LOL:
  18. Working weekends, when do you get the time to ride? All a bit circular eh

    Tried to PM but system won't let me with under 5 posts. Wanted to ask where you got your tank guard from? And does it come in carbon fibre design with white instead of red?
  19. Gotta be a bit careful with my new bike as it's a bit wider than my old 250, but general hooliganism?? I subscribe to the newsletter!!!