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[NSW] Ride to Appin and Robertson, Sat Feb 2nd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: samsico

    Meeting place: Sydney City Motorcycles 14 Blaxland Road, Campbelltown.

    Time : 9:30 am- Breakfast and a chance to look around new store. 11:00 am - depart

    Route : Short ride through Appin, Roberston and back to Sydney Via the Coast Road.


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  2. A short ride :?
    Should atleast do the nasho.
  3. The trip to Campbelltown from here would be longer than the ride you are proposing. :LOL:

  4. Maybe its something SSM have organised.
  5. Well my posting was edit by admin forum and miss out the word "HRCA" "first ride 08" on the subject :cool:

    Please NOTE this is ON SUNDAY 3rd Feb Ride.... ! :oops:
    Please NOTE this is ON SUNDAY 3rd Feb Ride.... ! :oops:
  6. I'll interpret 'going back via the Coast Road' would include Coalcliff & nasho? SCM should offer test rides on this trip.
  7. Mm, pity about the edit; the HRCA promotions have always gone through as posted.

    Not to worry, I'd strongly urge people to get involved with this; I met the last ride at TFRPS and it was superbly organised, and I'm sure the participants benefited greatly.
  8. i plan to be on waterfall way on the saturday of this weekend planed.... so sorry ill pass too, and the trip from cambelltown to robertson.... and back home is a bit short.... i need to get the kms up.....
  9. Why not going ride to my home first and than ride to Tweet home, from there it would take longer as Tweet claimed :grin: :LOL: :p
  10. Please NOTE this is ON SUNDAY 3rd Feb Ride.... ! :oops:
  11. Hi Guys,
    Just a quick question, You have stated Sat 2nd Feb, but the flyer states Sunday 2nd Feb. So is it the saturday or Sunday. If Saturday im interested.

    Cheers Lou
  12. You're rights Chickibabe,... SCM does not open on Sunday and only Saturday on the week end.. I will contact the HRCA Marshall to let him know.
  13. Do Nasho on way back sounds good to me.
  14. Yes sir we do. I got your txt tonight was alseep..

    Planning the BIG ride we spoke about still, will call and fill you in soon enough.
  15. I'm in - sounds cool.
  16. Even Chris Vermeulen will pop by. Sounds good.
    So its the Saturday then?
  17. I rang Brett (1 marshal of HRCA) He said it suppose to be Sunday.. !

    Please NOTE this is ON SUNDAY 3rd Feb Ride.... ! :oops:
  18. Bugger if its on sunday 3rd Feb I will not be able to make it.