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[NSW] Ride to 2 Wheel Mayhem Motorcycle Games, Sun Feb 25th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Micky-Motard

    Details here dudes . . .

    Ride out to Oran Park to see some motorcycle mayhem . . .

    Stunters, SuperMotard, Trials, mini-moto, freestyle . . its going to be tops !!

    Meet at Caltex Westbound on the M4 at 0830hrs and ...

    ... more

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  2. I forgot to add, we can do it saturday also . . . .
    If it all gets too much, I reckon afternoon pub lunch at Camden.

    The list starts here . . . .

    Me ! (wants to see SuperMotards)
    gegvasco (coming with his F4i to taunt the stunters)
    Scrambles (participating . . LOL)
    Donkey (breaking the laws of physics and trying a mini-moto) :LOL:

  3. Ooh ooh, i'm there, sounds like fun. :grin:

    However, I am somewhat concerned that i may do some damage to my bike on the way back home from trying to copy some stunts i've just seen :rofl:
  4. Damn, double post :facepalm:
  5. i swear i need a personal assistant ! :LOL:
    I forgot I have a corporate Dragonboat race on the 25th !!
    This event is being moved to Saturday 24th !
  6. I'll be there if I'm not working.

    Mini moto sounds fun! :LOL:
  7. I'm an inner for this :grin:

    We have about 8 or so riders going now.
    Leaving from Caltex M4 westbound !
  9. I'll hopefully see you there micky... bike being finished etc.
  10. some pics from today !

    hmmmm, Gixxer stunters !


    now this is a stoppie ! :cool:


    smokin !

  11. And you thought wheelies only came in one version ! :eek:



  12. wooooah ! chic-stunter !


    Motard stunter !


  13. holy shite !! :eek:


    Aprilia SVX450 !
    . . . . I want my motard ! :grin:


    Quad bike races ??? :eek:

  14. And we finally met Calvin ! (chrissie's ER6 :grin:)



    the falco, the monster, the hornet . . . ummm, and Phil doing weird shit again ! :LOL:

  15. Some cool pics! my dial up is dieing! :LOL:

    How was the day? dont know if i should go tomorrow
  16. Its worth going.

    It was only practice today, so we saw the action for free ! :LOL:
  17. Wonder if the weather is going to hold out tomorrow though :shock:

    Woo for free damn should have went today ! :p :LOL:
    So the event is on tommorow?
  18. Saw my first faired er6 today, looks like I missed out on seeing the starkers version though!