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[NSW] Ride through National Park (Wollongong/Sydney), Sat Au

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Neel

    A few of us have organised a ride through the Royal National Park for Saturaday 23rd of August.

    Its an easy ride, anyone is welcome especially learners , as many of us will be learners.

    For Wollongong riders, meet at North Gate McDonalds (Fairy ...

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  2. Sounds good - had planned on a Sunday ride with a couple of mates, but if they can change to Saturday the three of us will come along.
  3. I'm planning on being in on this; I MIGHT have some new boots to break in (on my feet, not tyres :LOL:).
  4. Count me in :grin:
  5. might see ya in Baldhills
    weather is forecasted for sunny too :p
  6. Hi guys count me in, should be able to come to this one and i'm on my L's. Will be coming down from the west, see you guys then.

  7. I'm heading from Surry Hills and have absolutely no idea where Bald Hill is... anybody got directions?
  8. Bald Hill is the carpark at the southern ned of the Royal National Park, i.e. the opposite end to where you would be coming from... so you either do two laps of the RNP (south by yourself, north with the group, south with the group, north by yourself), or 1 lap, 1/2 with the group and 1/2 by yourself.

  9. i'll go south to Baldhill with u if you like as i may be on my own.
    I can meet u at Loftus Oval or near nasho's ticket gate.
  10. Next question will be where's Loftus. :wink:

    Put Loftus in Google maps and then the satilite picture you will see the oval on your left ,easiest way to notice where it is , soon as you cross the train line IN THE ROAD .its 50 meters past it.

    Basicly.... Just get on the the HWY from the city ...keep going till you see the rail tracks and stop 50 meters past it.. :cool:

    Oh and when you get to the National parks entry toll booth ,you stop and say Im going straight threw.
    The $10 you "think " you have to pay is for parking ,your not parking in the RNP balh hill is at the other end ,you can't miss it ,its a big parking lot with 1000 bikes and a food van.
  11. Last time I was there, there was a smoking hot blonde babe sitting in the booth. Next time I might pull up and fake an injury to have a chat.
  12. A pretty Greenie?? Who'da thunk it??? :LOL:.
  13. Bald hill is the lookout above Stanwell Park, i.e. Lawrence Hargrave memorial park

    Long Google Maps Link
  14. That'd be it. Anwyay, you won't be able to miss the bikes there, as Brett said...
  15. Im sorry I have to miss this one, have a couple things on already... dont make it a once off though, I love riding through the park, then on to the pie shop, picton and back home! In fact I like to do it once a week :grin:
  16. Im 90% in for this ride :)

    Rudi do u wan to meet up at homebush bay dr hungry jacks/petrol like normal before heading to loftus?
  17. Enjoy the day! I woulda been there but work screwed me over so don't have my bike yet :oops:
  18. yeah mate..
    we'll work out the time closer to the date
    LOL hope we can do comparison between K5 & K8 :LOL:
  19. Hi everyone! Just getting into the riding scene. Bought my first bike about a month ago. I'm keen on joining in this ride, if anyone wants to meet up with me at the natio gate as ill be heading down from sydney.

    See yaz
  20. lol, i thought this was the saturday just gone... hopefully i will have my bike this weekend! Will let you know! But def. keen