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[NSW] Ride south, Sat Feb 10th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Snapey

    This won't be a leisurely highway cruise with social chats and latte's every 20kms, but a brisk Saturday morning ride on most of the twisty roads of the south coast.

    I'll be leaving the Caltex Heathcote at 8.30am, the route being ... Nasho, Mt Kemb...

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  2. Will see if I can come to this(on the CBR of course), not that I would have any hope of keeping up.

    And a warning that even WITHOUT being dangerous, this will be a very fast ride. Snapey will leave just about everyone for dead and do it in style.
  3. I'll be taking it very easy on the almost new 1400. :LOL:
  4. i may join in down south, will post here to let u kno
  5. First post, so firstly I would like to say hi to you all.

    This sounds like my sort of ride. Count me in. I will be on a black (the only colour choice) Honda Blackbird and have a blue helmet. See you at little after 8 for the 8.30 kick off. :grin:
  6. I think some here are committed to the Sportsbike ride, we'll probably meet with this group since we are down that way.

    There is also a Duc Monster ride also . . damn !!

    I'll be all muddle up on which ride I go on ! LOL :LOL:
  7. The sports bike cruise looked a bit mundane for my liking, that's why I posted a ride for people into corners and not cruising.

    Be good to have you along Mustard. I'm on a blue/white GSX1400, but keep your eye out for an orange KTM motard and twin headlight black SV1000.

  8. Cruising can be fun. But not as much fun as corners! :twisted: See you then.
  9. Greetings all I'm a Netrider newbie. This sounds like a good ride so count me in as well. Meet you at the Caltex. I'm riding a Suzuki RF900.

  10. What is the protocol if it be raining? Is the ride automatically called off? Forecast is not good.......but fingers are still crossed!
  11. Unless it's really pissing down, i'll be there.

  12. Can't make it to this one now. Sorry. Was looking forward to it too.
  13. Still need a mandatory weather report, Sir !

    . . . . as you were !
  14. Yeah, like I'm going to be awake! :LOL:
  15. Gregg,
    You'll be awake !

    Phil will be joining me and 10 or so other Italian V-tiwn riders tomorrow morning for a ride. Starting at The Mecca on King St, for an early morning expresso fix ! LOL . . . Italian bikes and coffee ! :grin:

    We'll make sure we'll be making noise around the Surry Hills area on the way down south ! :LOL:

    Care to join us ?
  16. Thanks for organising the ride Snapey. It was good to meet you guys and ride a a couple of roads I hadn't been on before (saddleback/mt marshall).

    I hope George was able to get his bike sorted over the rest of the weekend. Good thing Nick new that bloke down in Albion Park. For those that don't know, one of the bikes (KTM Motard) had some electrical problems resulting in a ute being required to pick it up :( , not ideal but that's bike riding.

    Still, had a good day and some good laughs as we all saw the lighter side of it fairly easily. Hope to see you boys on the road again! :grin: