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[NSW] Rich pric fines

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Was looking at the list of offences, a lopt of which are fines without demerits. So as long as you can afford it, here is a list of the sort of stuff you can do without giving a stuff:

    Ride motorcycle more than 2 abreast on road($50)
    (When riding abreast) Ride motorcycle more than 1.5m apart($50)
    Drive in bicycle lane($125)
    Not use bus warning lights when children getting on/off($125)
    Use unregistered vehicle on road($450)
    Use uninsured motor vehicle($450)
    Unlawfully take precedence at ferry/bridge/punt($75)
    Drive on road/area closed to traffic($75)
    Defective tyres($75)
    Stop on/in/near intersection($175)
    Stop in clearway/freeway/emergency lane($175)
    Stop on tram tracks($175)
    Double park($175)
    Disobey Bridge gross limit sign!!!!($175) :shock:

    Here are some for the scooter riders - Motorcycle special speed limits:
    Cycle exceed 40kph after sunset - 100ml or less ($75)
    Cycle exceed 50kph after sunset - 100-200ml ($75)

    By the way, pric stands for Predominantly Rude and Infused with Cash

  2. what the hell there some silly rules i dont think the cops abey them
  3. What about this one -> my friend got a parking fine because his car was facing the wrong direction on a one way street :shock:


    Everyone now and then I bring it up and it fracks him off big time :rofl:
  4. I reckon the fines for facing the wrong direction when parked are totally fair enough. Ever gone around a corner at a reasonable click and seen a parked car facing you? Your first thought isn't "parked car facing the wrong way" it's "THIS MOTHERFUC%ER IS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD AND IS GOING TO KILL ME!".


  5. Don't they argue that to park that way you had to have either been driving the wrong way down the one way street or reversing into a street from an intersection, both of which are illegal.

  6. . . . . told you it was a bad idea to lane split just before boarding the Sackville Ferry ! :grin:

    They have a law specific for it !
  7. Just remember that's $175 on top of whatever your bike was worth before it was run over by a tram :)
  8. He tried to get out of it by saying he just backed out of a driveway. This fine also applies to two way roads.
  9. I've copped a "failure to maintain wholey within a traffic lane" 0 demetits $80 fine.

    while coming down the west side of the Derwent outside New Norfolk I was being followed by a boy in blue I did 100 around a corner and "leant over" the center line. I was looking down to the straight it was clear so why not corner a bit hard and lean a little?

    It was so bullsh8te I explained the wheels clause to him saying "My wheels didn't cross the centerline" but I still got the fine. Plus to ad insult to the fine I'm positive while I was getting a lecure form this academy graduate everyone was speeding past 110+ in a 100 zone...