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NSW restricted licences - a question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Can anyone confirm that in NSW the only engine capacity limitation for newer riders is while on Ls? I may be transferring an SA R-Date licence(equivalent of post-MOST testing in NSW) to a NSW licence and am trying to figure out how the restrictions are different. The RTA website is a bit had to compare to SA, but it seems if you have done the MOST test less than 12 months ago, you have no restrictions on bike size, but you can't carry pillions. Is this the case?

    It is just that in SA it is the other way around. After the MOST equivalent test in SA, you can carry pillions but can't ride anything bigger than a 250 for 12 months. It will make a big difference to me as I will be moving to NSW and this would mean I can get off the 250 straight away rather than waiting.

  2. Some of the younger riders may be able to help with the lastest licencing proceedure, as I have never herd of MOST.

    I can tell you in NSW you can ride up to 650cc on you L's and P's so long as the bike is on the LAMS list. This can be found on the rather convaluted RTA website. (why it it that you can never find what you want on a government website?)

    The bikes on the list have less then a given power to weight ratio.

    As far as I am aware as soon as you are off your p's then you can ride anything and carry a pillion
  3. MOST is the test that you do, to progress from your L's to your P's!

    after you complete your MOST and pay the fee, and are then on your bike P's, which in NSW mean...

    still restreted to bikes on the LAMS list
    can't carry a passenger
    can only do 90km/h
    can only loose 3 points
    must display red P plate

    after a year on your red P's, you can rock up to the RTA and pay (another) fee and THEN you are unrestricted!

    hope this helps!
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  5. What I don't get about the LAM list is that some low power bikes(CB250 - ~130kW/ton) aren't approved yet some bikes that come in over the 150kW/ton limit are approved(Yamaha XT660R - ~213kW/ton)
  6. Who CAN understand the mind of a bureaucrat???
  7. Just for info MOST is Motorcycle Operator Skill Test....was also used in Victoria before going to the current Canadian MLST (Motorcycle Licence Skill Test) about ten years roughly ago.

    I think NSW uses a variation on the earlier version of the MOST.

  8. hi gegvasco the cb250 is approved- the top section of that list (260ccs and under) shows bikes that aren't allowed, but for 261-660ccs it shows the ones that are allowed. They always keep things simple...! :?
  9. Good pick up. I really should read things more closely. I was worried for a while there that I wouldn't be allowed to ride my VTR250 for a year! Ta.