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[NSW] Reported: Your Bike Is Too Loud!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by conspiracytheorist, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Thats right, a neighbour reported my SV for being
    I know specifically who reported me, he is a serious asshat (had runins with him before). His house is right near where my bikes are kept, and since the SV is carby I warm it up properly at around 2000rpm on choke on those cold mornings.

    Instead of coming over to me and saying something, he has just reported me instead.

    What really irritates me is that the SV is quiet! When its sitting there idling you can barely hear it. Its not until very high rpm that it makes a decent racket.

    Anyway, back to my point. ANYONE can report you for your bike being too loud, and then you have to get it inspected, at your cost! Whats the go with that?! I'm very tempted to right back insisting that 'I do not acknowledge said neighbour to be an authority on noise emissions or control, thus will not comply with your demands of testing until such a judgement is made by a more relevant authority'.

    FYI the legal limit is 94db at 4500rpm. Anyone know how much this test would be? Or somewhere have a db measuring tool so I can make sure my exhaust passes before getting it tested?

    Very tempted to report the guy's cars, all of them. But that would be childish... going over to talk to the guy and see whats up, which is what he should have had the balls to do in the first place. GRRR.
  2. Thats slack.. my experience with people like this is to hold out until someone else is their target for (home and away) style drama.. they seem to invest all their energy into minor things to make it an extreem issue..

    Tandy and dick smith use to sell cheap db meters.. maybe get a basic reading done at your local dealer with one of those and get a letter signed off to verify it...
    Is the request a suggestion or a demand? is there a penalty for non compliance?

    Like I said if you can stay low and out of target he will find another crusade...
  3. Thanks yeah. I'm 90% confident its legal, just want to make sure before getting the test done - because if it fails the test they then issue a defect notice.

    Also they say if you don't have the test done in 21 days then they will also issue a defect notice - which is crazy because they are saying I'm guilty until proven innocent. Will be challenging this, will let you know how I go with it.
  4. If it's not the stock pipe, I'd reckon you're in trouble.
  5. You reckon? Its aftermarket but has a DB killer. Thats why I'd like to get it checked before going to do the test, incase I need to throw the stock can on for a few hours.
  6. Yeah buy yourself a cheap dossimeter, check it record it then see if you can cram it up your neighbours clacker
  7. In any case phiz I'd wheel it down the c0x driveway and fire it up at 6.00 tomorrow morning (which will actually be 5.00 :shock: )
  8. Who did you get the note from?

    Is it the police, EPA, RTA or council?

    Depending on who it is from could mean different ways to attack the issue.

    But, given you say that unless who have the vehicle checked with 21 days it will be defected I am guessing that the letter is police or RTA. Ist hat right?

    If so, ring the RTA and ask where to get it tested, what the cost is and whether you can recoup the cost if the 'claim/report' is found to be vindictive and unnecessary.

    Now, where do you warm the bike up?

    Is it surrounded by concrete, bricks or in a garage as this would all act to amplify the noise and may have played a part in the neighbour believing it to be to loud, mind you a simple approach would have been the best.

    Additionally (and this will sound wrong so apologies), are you buying the property or renting?

    I ask as a mate had an issue with a neighbour who complained about the noise (initially to him, then everyone else and eventually the council). When this guy found out that my mate was not a renter (he had bought a rental property) all complains stopped. Some people just like to feel important and superior.

  9. Thanks Garry.

    The note is from the EPA I guess 'department of environment and conservation nsw'. Basically its the DECC (department of environment and climate change).

    Nope, nothing about rta or similar or police, but the letter is titled 'vehicle inspection notice issued under section 207(2)(c) of the protection of the environment operations act 1997.

    I know the cost of the test, its a maximum of $40. The issue is that I need to put the issue to bed because theres nothing stopping him reporting my other bike/cars, or this bike again in a few weeks. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to go get the thing tested at one of their approved stations.

    I warm the bike up on the street - where everything louder as it echoes around a bit. The bike makes a bit of noise when its fast idling to warm up in the winder months, but when its not cold it just sits there idling for a few minutes before I ride it away. No excessive revving, etc.

    Good point, they infer in the letter that 'it has been reported to the DECC... excessively noisy and therefore likely exceeding legal noise levels and may have defective, missing or modified emission control equipment...'

    Since someone reported it, they just take their word and assume its too loud. So you can report anyone without any founding other than what someone says.

    And no we're not renting.

    I think I'm going to write him a note saying explaining that bikes need to be properly warmed up before use, that I don't revv excessively and make an effort to keep it quiet, that the exhausts are ADR compliant and fully legal, if he you like to discuss this please call' etc.
  10. Phiz I doubt it's in his hands now. even if he withdrew the complaint they may want to see you the bike anyway. Take the punt and get the pipe cleared as it is, then he's got no come back.
    The pipe should go straight through, otherwise you'll have no probs borrowing one from SVDU i should think.
    When you've got your clearance, take a hundred photocopies and mail him one every day for the next three months.
    Or alternatively, ask the Hell's Angels over for BBQ.
  11. Haha yeah. Writing him a note is only so that he understands and doesn't report my other bike (that would be the last straw and oh my would he regret that!). I have my stock exhaust if I need to put it back on so its more the principal than anything else.
  12. This whole issue is such bs. Its the same as the fact that I can dob you in for chucking a cigarette butt out the window and you will have a hard time getting out of the fine. I had trouble with the police a few times in one of my cars a few years ago. When I complained to the station that I had to pay for a test, and everytime it was legal, I got told to HTFU by the lovely Mr Plod.

    Soooo, does your neighbour smoke in his car then? :wink:
  13. The neighbour isent an authority so thats why they want you to bring
    the bike to them so don't think that's going to work :LOL:

    Not much you can do about it as fines are issued if you don't bring your
    bike to them.

    DECC recommends that Jow Blow goes to the source of the problem first
    & tell you of his concerns, but if you are not approachable or Joe Blow
    thinks this will not achieve anything, then he is to report your arse to

    Did you know the laws in NSW changed this year?

    I haven't studied it in detail but you may want to check it out to see if it
    affects you. See POEO (Noise Control) Regulation 2008.

    ".. for motorcycles over 250cc is 80 dB(a)".

    I think it may be for motorcycles manufactured on or after 1 January 2005.

    You can get your bike tested at a licensed muffler repairer. Contact the
    Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Authority (02 9712 2200) to find a local

    The fine they (EPA) issue is a sliding scale depending on how many decibels
    over the prescribed noise limit you are at.

    Up to 5dB $150
    5-15dB $250
    Above 15dB $500
  14. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT write a note. First of all make sure it was him that reported you. Ask the other neighbours cause usually they all whinge to each other. Then go to his house and calmly have a chat along the lines of if you have a problem just come talk to me and we will work it out. Reporting me has now put me out of pocket when you could have just come over and talked to me about it.

    The key is to make your self seem approachable. No one complains about people they like or consider polite.

    NOW. If this doesn't work and hes a complete dick. fcuk him over. You are allowed to make noise between 6 am and 10 pm. PUT THE STOCK PIPE BACK ON. Get it cleared and make as much noise as you can to this motherfcuker every day. Attitude check him.

    If you really want to fcuk him over get up in his face and make him hit you. Then battery charges. Haha.

    That is extreme though. Normally a chat will solve everything. NO NOTES. And do not back down from your point of view when you talk to him.

    Good luck.
  15. I believe the NSW law was changed as you said Kishy, but another disclaimer was something similar to +4Db louder than teh stock system, apparently to cater for Ducatis etc with stock loud systems. I did have a copy of the new legislation here on teh puter, but I seem to have cleaned it up.

    As for OP's issues, I would reluctantly get it tested, then hire a solicitor to get the testing fee back from your neighbour.
    Forget this one off test putting you in the clear from here on in either, he can just keep reporting you and your vehicles as he sees fit.
    So, I would probably just approach him, but not on his property.
    I would also do a letter drop informing all of your neighbours what an asshat he is.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Thats ridiculous. l'm sure it's legal. My neighbour owns an aprillia rsv1000 with pipes that makes alot of racket. Still legal, and i'd never complain.

    When i own a country there is going to be an "anti snitching" law that prevents neighbours from dobbing on each other.

    This complaint would violate my "irritating fellow rider" under the anti snitching act section 314 that states. "Theres a good chance the motorbike isn't too loud so mind you're own business".

    The penalty would be a slap in the face with a wet fish.
  17. Thanks for the hints guys. The letter sent by the EPA is actually what told me what the sound restriction is (94 @ 4500) - I remember something about how its supposed to be taken at 50% rpm of where max power is. And max power is at 9000, so makes sense to measure at 4500.

    Andrew thats exactly what I mean about that he could just report me again, and since nothing will have changed - neither his attitude/understanding and not the motorbike.

    I would retaliate, but he is known for losing his temper. Its not me I'm afraid for, but rather my precious bikes - and I wouldn't be able to prove a thing.

    Not a problem having the bike quiet for the test, going to stock for the day is always an option. But the issue that he could just report me again is at the back of my mind. Hence why I'm going to take a very strong stand with this initial letter.

    Yes the guy isn't an authority, so why should I have to waste my time and money getting a check done?
  18. Mate it sounds like you're going to try and reason with someone who's making a career out of being unreasonable, have a backup plan bud.
    Good luck
  19. i think this situation needs to be dealt with in a responsible manner like adults.

    go around the neighborhood and collect dog poo from the nature strips into a paper bag. put this bag on your neighbor's door step and set it on fire then run away giggling and hide in the bushes.

    if this fails, blow up his mail box with a firecracker