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[NSW]Report a cabbie!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. After yet another appalling display this arvo, I did some more research....There is a government endorsed site for reporting cab behaviour. It seems to be based on being a passenger but you can still submit complaints as a rider/driver. Some may say, what's the point. But it is better than doing nothing at all. It only takes about 3 minutes that you would otherwise have spent waiting for the netrider server. The site is endorsed by the Ministry of Transport and is:
    You will need some details including cab rego and company as well as time and place of incident.

    My first entry was this arvo when a cab in a right turn only lane cut left into my lane as I was on him. I braked pretty hard to avoid him and then honked. He then looked in his mirror and deliberately slowed to a stop to block me despite there being 20 cars behind me also waiting, who by this point were starting to honk as well. He then started to go again, got 5 metres and then braked to a stop at a set of GREEN lights. He was waiting for them to change so he could scoot through and leave me waiting on the amber. He did all this WITH A PASSENGER! So not only did he risk the passenger as I would have hit at about the passengers door if I hadn't stopped in time, but he sat there on a green light with the meter running. I love Sydney cabs!
  2. *Ktulu makes mental note to make holster for the FZR and buy a narrow wrecking bar to put in it...*
  3. couldnt agree more about hating sydney cabs. they seem to think they are always doing the right thing and people should get out of there way. i would love to see what happens if you toke a horn away from a cabbie for a day. they would know wat to do with there spare hand.
  4. The mentality behind cabbies is really messed up. Obviously they're not all w#nkers I've met some really nice ones, but so many are pieces of work. Esp inner city they're hardcore, ruthless, don't indicate and are generally reckless and abusive.
  5. I mentioned it before...use a 24" tyre lever instead. If questioned about it, it's for flat tyres of course!
    As for the holster, I'm trying to find a spot for a 7.62mm minigun on the GTR. Why waste time unholstering a weapon? Point the bike and shoot!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Syd cabbie complaints? Start with Immigration Dept.
  8. Same situation here in Melb. however the flip side is that many of the lookers working in our strip/brothel industry are also here on the same type of visa, and the same could be said about aussies who go on working holidays to the UK and other places, you don’t really believe that your friends are working in the banking sector or as legal secretaries like they say in their emails to you, do you?
    foreigners always get the shitty jobs, its the way any society works.