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NSW - Repairing & re-registering a stat writeoff

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by The_Doctor, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I know this question has probably been covered before, but thought I'd try and get some up to date information from you guys.

    Now I'm aware that most bikes that are damaged are not worth the hassle or effort of getting back onto the road, but I've come across a decent bike that appears to have only generic or minor damage but has still be classed as a writeoff.

    The bike is a damaged 08 model zx6r, 2 bent rims, dent in tank, needs new LHS peg assembly, some fairing scratches and cracks, going for around the $5k mark.

    Now I reckon I can get most of that stuff fixed, I can live with a dent in the tank and a few scratches.

    Can someone let me know what is involved with a bike that is on the books as a stat writeoff rego'ed?

    This is what I'm assuming

    - Get bike repaired (or show proof of repairs)
    - Blue slip
    - Rego

    Is there another step like getting it passed off by a licensed repairer or RTA station?

    Appreciate the help
  2. No.

    There is a difference between a statutory write off and a write. A write off is a declaration by an insurance company. A statutory write off is a declaration by the registration body that the vehicle can never be re-registered.

    I'm not sure they have the later in NSW.

    If it is just a standard write off then what you said is correct.

    You may be able to get a stat-write off repaired, but it would have to be under some custom bike rules, where you got the frame approve by a recognised engineer (big money and big, big hassle).
  3. 'Statutory' refers to a law. Find out what the relevant legislation is, and that will give you the answer. I would imagine that it's the same as it is here in Victoria - that is, once it's a stat write off, it cannot be re-registered.
  4. If it can be re-registered, I think it has to have an RTA check as well, about $450.
  5. sigh a stat right of frame can never be registered ever again.
    u must replace the frame most likley with a repairable right of frame from a wrecker.

    a repairable right of can be registered the additional check is and identitity check done by the rta inspection station which cost $500
  6. if you can find a bike with a dead engine, just swap it over otherwise is it worth the money your going to spend repairing it? you might end up paying just as much as one that is 2nd hand and runs for 1-2 thou more, maybe not the same year but its prolly not been crashed.

    This reminds me of shitmoto LOL
  7. I thought stat write off meant, like the others said, that the bike could never be reregistered?