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NSW NSW Rego stickers to be scrapped

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by neogeo, May 24, 2012.

  1. Finally!

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  2. mmmm, car car motorist car motorist, no mention of whether or not this applies to ALL vehicles? Motorbikes, trailers, trucks? Let's see the detail
  3. vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes - this includes motorcycles
  4. They did this in SA last year, and surprisingly (sarchastic) they also increased the fines significantly just after. Cost me $1000 fine to find out the car yard I bought a car from last year didn't change the rego over to me as stated. No renewal notice and no sticker to check expiry date. Motor Reg told me that it has happened a lot since scrapping labels.
  5. Interesting. My missus was recently fined after I forgot to renew the rego. Office of State Revenue refused to waive the fine saying it is the driver's responsibility to check the car is registered before driving it. Now they're going to remove the only means a driver has to verify the registration of a car they don't own.

    I bet they've counted the fine revenue in the Benefits Cost Analysis for this.
  6. Good news. I've had mine under my seat for the last 6 months.

    Nothing stopping people putting their own on.

    Maybe people aren't comfortable with that level of responsibility.
  7. Are we SERIOUSLY complaining that we no longer have to find a way to put the stickers on our bikes?
    Fer fuck's sake...
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  8. I got the same response from Motor Reg, apparently even though the car yard was at fault, it is the drivers responsibility to check the car is registered, when I enquired how to check without a label, I was told you can go to the Services SA website and put in the rego number and check that way.
  9. Want to pay my fine?
  10. Because you failed to do due diligence?
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  11. Pft, remembering to reapply is the least of your concerns: very little chance of getting caught with the pathetic number of cops on the road.

    What is worrying is:
    - it's an excuse to introduce automatic number plate matching cameras to track you under the guise of "checking you have valid rego"
    - it will be impossible to tell if a vehicle involved in an accident has a valid rego (#2 warning they are sus after #1, they do a runner) unless the police are called out
  12. They are building a website so you can check any vehicle.

    Cue whinging that not everyone has internet.
  13. Can't say that I've ever looked at my sticker once I've attached it so I can't really see how this serves as a useful reminder.
  14. What's internet? How do I buy an internet?

    Posted from Australia Post
  15. So do you enter number plate details and it indicates if it's registered or not? Any other details, like make/model and colour of the vehicle or vin?
  16. My sis lives in WA and Transport WA will now be sending out sms messages to remind people to pay their rego/licence due to a 20% failure rate. That's on top of the usual mailing out of renewal notices a month before in the mail.

    In SA I can check my expiry date online (and any other SA plate) or I can simply have a look on the rego cerificate that gets sent to me after I pay.

    I don't think the police have used the rego label for years and just do a rego check on the plate before they pull you over. Rego people are just catching up.
  17. In SA you enter the rego number and it will give you the expiry date. Nothing else.
  18. ANPR is already out there, and I believe it was the successful trial/implementation that triggered the scrapping of stickers...

    OK, but I'm not sure why that matters? If they don't stop you CERTAINLY wouldn't get a look at the details on the sticker?
    And if they do stop you either sight their license or call the coppers anyway?
  19. What's an Australia Post? Where do I find one?

    Flown in by carrier pigeon
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