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NSW rego question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hewy, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    new to the forum...

    I have a silly question to kick off with... I have done a search and can't seem to find all that much information on this...

    I was just wondering for a pink slip whether most riders take their bike to regular car service places or if you have to go to bike shops/bike servicing places?

  2. any mechanic should do it for you. they even 'tick' the seat belt option for you :)
  3. Save yourself a bit of time and take it to one that does E-Safety Checks. If you do that, pay your greenslip online then pay your registration fees online as well. Saves ever going near a bloated RTA queue.
  4. Thanks guys for the quick replys!
  5. Also hewy what suburb are you in, in Sydney
  6. If the bikes been out of rego for a while, you will need a blue slip and possibly a weigh bridge ticket for rego.

    I don't think all places that do pinks are able to do blue slips as well, the RTA can supply you with a list of places that will do blue slips as well.

    Not sure on how long it needs to be out of rego to require a blue slip.

    It seems every few years they add a new colour slip we need that cost more money, pinks, blues and greens for now. What a load of revenue raising crap.
  7. I'm in hornsby...

    seems that there are lots of e-pink slip places round here.

    Cheers guys.
  8. do you even know what the different slips are for?

    pink slip is for registration renewal/transfer of ownership only and it comprises of a quick once-over mechanical check to make sure its not leaking or unsafe on the road. For a bike the costs are $15-30 depending on which bikeshop you go to. this money stays with the shop owner and covers the cost of the paperwork/inspection.

    blue slip This is for a vehicle that is newly registered in NSW or for one that has been out of registration for over 3 months. This is similar to a pink slip, however it provides basic engine and chassis number checks. Depending on where you go they do anything from a basic "yeah the numbers look good" to a full engineering check (this seems to be more relevant for the imported car market from what i've spoken to blueslip providers) and costs about $45-60 (or possibly more if additional checks have to be done).

    green slip
    This is for the third party person insurance for your car. The government thought it was a good idea (for them that is) to deregulate the whole insurance thing around 89-91 or so and the green slip was born. The goal of this was to simply offload everything insurance related to the insurance companies. Which i guess was a good and a bad thing....

    Anyway, i don't think that it's revenue raising, just covering the costs of everyone involved.