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[NSW] Registering bike from interstate.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hph, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Just wondering what sort of things they look out for during a blue slip inspection as I have a 1985 750 katana arriving this week from melb. It was registered but seller has handed in the plates prior to shipping. Will I be allowed to ride it to the workshop/RTA ???

  2. Re: Registering bike from interstate.

    Looks like you have some work dude.

  3. as above for procedure.

    Yes, you can ride it to the nearest place for inspection as noted in the rta pages as well. You will do yourself a favour by making a booking first in case you get pulled over.

    The thing that differentiates a pink from a blue slip is that Blue slips are mostly to do with identity. They check the engine/frame numbers are the same as the previous registration.

    If you do not have a copy of the previous registration details your life just got harder. The rta will fax vicroads for them and it can take many days. You may also get called up for an identity check, which means taking the bike to one of a very few rta inspection stations in nsw (there are 3 in sydney i believe).
  4. Life is no harder without registration papers! :roll:
    You will need:
    A Blue Slip inspection from an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS). The AUVIS station will establish identity, make, model etc from teh frame plate and various RTA manuals.
    A Green Slip (from whomever, tell them it's for an unregistered vehicle).
    Proof of ownership (like a bill of sale, receipt)
    An Application for Registration form (usually provided by AUVIS station).
    Some free time for a visit in person to the RTA.
    Money for registration and number plate.
    A screwdriver to affix plate and rego label holder to bike.
    I've Blue slipped 3 vehicles in teh past 12 months, and none have had to go to RTA inspection.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. depends on who you get. If you tell em it used to be registered in another state, they will make you wait until they find it. And that did take days for me.

    Then, if you don't tell em, but the numbers aren't on their computer, they will make you prove it was imported and had the compliance plate applied legally. Sure, all you need is a purchase receipt, but there is more to it than that, and some of it can make your head explode. If they then turn around and say they can't find registration for another state (because it was done with a VIN typo for example) you then need to find all the paperwork from the manufacturer/importer and ask the police to show it isn't listed as stolen/rebirthed etc.

    Were those 3 blue slipped vehicle interstate models with no history in nsw and no interstate rego papers either? And were they all bikes? If they were, good luck to you. They say it is a random check, but i've never had an inspection for interstate cars, but three interstate bikes all got pulled. Tell me who I have to speak to in future, cos I must have a black cloud over my head whenever I walk into the rta.
  6. Okay, I run an Automotive & motorcycle workshop that is AIS & AUVIS approved.
    Firstly obtain a list of AUVIS stations nearest u, pick one, ring them and make a booking, usually within a couple of day's, I fit bikes in straight away. Write yourself a Letter of Intent, that I, Joe Bloggs will be riding my bike from ............ to Joes garage at Wheelieville, for a 1000 appt.
    Get the idea. U must take the most direct route, no stopping at the pub or buying milk etc. U may also ride it to a place of repair for the purposes of making it good for a blue slip. The bike may be flagged for an RTA Identity check at the registry, but given the bikes age, highly unlikely. The correct price for a M/C blue slip is $30.60. It will be checked for correct Identity, doesn't matter if the engine no. is different to previous rego' papers as long as the no's. look like they have been stamped by the factory and are in the correct sequence. The bike will also get a serious safety check done. I could go on, if u wish to know more, PM me with ur mob. no. and I'll fill u in on the correct procedures etc.

    Tex & Bundy
  7. Well there goes my theory about no motorcycle shops doing Blue Slips. So do you have to be able to do cars as well to do bikes? I just thought a Blue Slip was a Blue Slip regardless of vehicle?

    So you take the bike for a ride?
  8. Two bikes in last 12 months and no inspection but both had papers.

    And you gotta be nice to those RTA people, any :roll: and it's the black cloud :wink:
  9. Car mech doing blue slip will consist of checking numbers, lights, indicators and horn. When I got mine done they didn't even get me to turn it on :LOL:
  10. Exactly! Go to an automotive place for less grief.
    I took my old Z in for a Blue slip on a trailer, and that's where it stayed. Numbers checked, lights check, turn it on, here's your paperwork.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Unlike pink slips to which a motorcycle mechanic can do only bikes, to be an AUVIS station u must be able to do Motorcycles, and light vehicles up to a tare of 5ton and Hydraulic brakes only (ok air over Hydraulic but not air only brakes). Most automotive shops don't have a clue what they are looking at on a bike and will only check lights etc, but not Steering head brg's, wheel brg's, spokes, etc. On the other hand u may get an Automotive shop where the examiner is pedantic and will fail the bike if the exhausts aren't stock etc.
    No, the examiner is not allowed to ride ur bike, pink or blue slip, he is allowed to start it etc, but no ride!
    So, going to an Automotive shop is not alway's the better option and as I mentioned earlier, if the owner cares to PM me, I will set him straight and I am sure his inspection will be painless.

    Tex & Bundy
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply Tex
  13. No Problems mate, I know some of these things come a bit daunting if u don't understand the system, anyway got to help a fellow netrider out. :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy
  14. My Bike was previously registered in QLD, then I blueslipped it so I could rego it in NSW.
    My blue slip inspector did a road test, he even commented afterwards that it wasnt his preffered style of Bike.

    My blue slip went through with no issues at all, though it was completely stock 2005 CBR600RR.
  15. Hi guys,

    I'm in a similar positon as I've just found a bike I'm interested in but it's in QLD (I'm in Sydney).

    I will hopefully get someone to check it out for me and I've got a quote on delivery.

    What would I need to do to complete such a transaction and register it in NSW? It has rego until July 08 (does this mean it also has a greenslip in QLD?)

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. as andrew (typhoon) explained-
    blueslip, greenslip, surrender qld plates, pay mega bucks for new rego. forfeit QLD rego :)
    ive done 3 in twelve mths too, one from vic, two from canberra, and it has been completed from start to finish in less than 2 hrs from home to plates affixed to vehicle.
    i dunno why bonox got the run-around, must be a personality thing :p :LOL: