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NSW Reduced Speed Zones

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Less speed zones is good news but as predicted more reductions than increases. I don't understand why Gay is trying to justify the increases. More importantly to whom would he be trying to justify the increases? It's as if he's apologetic. Most people would be happy with the increases and unhappy with the reductions.

    NRMA welcomes changes to 'dog's breakfast' speed zones
    By Chi Tranter and Isabel Hayes, The Australin, From: AAP August 21, 201 14:57PM

    THE New South Wales public will welcome having the "dog's breakfast" of speed zones on the state's roads cleaned up, the NRMA says.

    The NSW government review, which recommended changes to 11 out of 12 roads where speed limits changed frequently, was "long overdue", NRMA Motoring and Services president Wendy Machin said.

    "Motorists tell us they get incredibly confused about the changing speed zones," Ms Machin told reporters in Sydney today.

    "I think people will welcome having the dog's breakfast of speed zones cleaned up."

    The review included zones on the Princes, Pacific and New England highways and King Georges Road.

    Under the audit, carried out by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) Centre for Road Safety, speed limits have been increased in four zones, decreased in seven and one has remained unchanged.

    NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay, who announced the report's findings on Sunday, said the review aimed to reduce "annoying" speed zone variations.

    "This is not about raising speed limits, or lowering speed limits. This is about reducing the number of speed changes," he told reporters in Sydney today.

    Mr Gay insisted the speed limit increases would not be dangerous, adding there were more decreases than increases.

    "This is about making our roads safer. It's about allowing people to be watching the road rather than watching road signs," he said.

    Speed limits have been increased on the Princes Highway in southern NSW, on the Great Western Highway in Sydney, on the Pacific Highway in the Hunter region and on the Newell Highway at Boggabilla.

    Speed limit decreases include King Georges Road between Homebush and Blakehurst, the New England Highway between Branxton and Murrurundi and the Lismore-Murwillumbah Road.

    Speed zone changes in total have dropped on the New England Highway between Branxton and Murrurundi from 31 to 26, on the Lismore-Murwillumbah Road from 19 to 12 and on the Princes Highway from 13 to 5.

    The state opposition welcomed the changes to speed limits.

    "We're prepared to support these changes because they have strong support in the community and because they've been independently verified by the RTA," opposition roads spokesman Robert Furolo told reporters in Sydney on Sunday, adding he did not wish to make it a political issue.

    "Motorists want clarity, they want certainty when they are driving ... They want to know that the speed limits are consistent on the roads they are travelling on."

    The review, flagged by the government last June, is part of an audit of a further 100 NSW roads.

    That audit is due to be released in March next year.

  2. haha until they cross the southern border and they have to contend with 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 & 110 limits and if you try to overtake on a long straight stretch of road with a single white line, every kitten within the state will die....
  3. we have all those limits (except 30, but we also have 10) as well as the continuous white line one.

    If they dropped Roberts Rd/ Centenary/Homebush Bey down to 60, many kittens will be killed. Much of that stretch is good for an easy hundred
  4. I don't mind the 70 and 90 limits as such, what I don't like is the constant switching and the default reductions that seem to have dominated the switch to 70 and 90.
  5. Gaah I knew it would be like this - 60Km/h all the way up King Georges to Homebush?!
    Fuck that.
  6. My fears exactly, that road is bad enough. Also does anyone know where abouts they are changing the Princes highway or is it wait and see?
  7. Yep, it's stupid. It's only hard to follow the speeds because of the school zones. Driving north from the Princes Hwy it's 70, 40 (Blakehurst), 70, 40 (South Hurstville), 70, 60, 40 (Beverly Hills), 60, 70, 40 (Roselands), 70, 60, 40 (Wiley Park), 60, 70 (to Punchbowl road). Without school zones, there are only two 60 zones that have shops lining the road. The only way to make it flow better is to go straight from 40 to 70 instead of having the useless 20m long 60 zones.
  8. Hate to be cynical but as a NSW public servant my guess is that all that fuffing around trying to identify, measure, consult, plan and execute these changes has costed more than just making the roads better both in the surface and the surrounding design that could have allowed for safer pedestrian movement and more effective management of the traffic.
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  10. What a fucking joke, saying it's confusing and needs to be slowed down - not too long ago the whole stretch was a 70 zone, so who the fuck is to blame for the confusion?
    I mean, fuck me - it's comfortably done at 85 now...
  11. time to move to the NT methinks
  12. It's only confusing because:
    - school zones break up other zones
    - they don't clearly mark the changes in speed (most are just a single speed sign on the left hand side of the road)
    - the road surface sucks in parts

    It doesn't take much common sense to make it out otherwise: 70 unless there's shops along the road.

    The thing that urks me is the lack of planning/foresight: if they had actually planned and funded Sydney roads/corridors a few decades ago we wouldn't have this ridiculous problem.
  13. rta.

    Genius at work
  14. You missed my point Osiris: King Georges used to be 70 the whole way, without the 60 zones at Beverley Hills and Wiley Park.
    Then the government introduced the 60 zones to buffer the school zones.
    And now they're saying it's all too confusing, and we have to slow down again for it?!

    EDIT: I've just ridden home and passed half a dozen of those portable signs advertising the new speed limits starting this Friday.
    I want to vomit.
  15. It looks like the NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay isn’t the boss after all. In my opinion the RTA did a number on him showing the NSW public who the real boss is.

    Why bother having elections?
  16. It's not that bad. It can be hard to speed on some parts of that road at times. All they've done is make it easier.
  17. I wish they would get rid of the parking at Wiley Park station on King Georges road. The traffic it causes for those few spots is ridiculous.
  18. There's parking on Victoria Rd too, had some dumbass hold up about 200 cars while he tried to reverse park about 3 times near Balmain =D>
  19. I noticed paint on KGR at (I think) Punchbowl road this arvo, that looked suspiciously like markings for a new "safety" camera - one of the lines went directly along the stop line and into the island...
    It figures they'd install one after dropping the speed limit and committing to turning off the one at Moorefields.
  20. I'll be sure to enjoy the last 70-tastic commutes tomorrow. The speed limits on the road have all be blacked out now in preparation.

    Hmm, will have to check this out.