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NSW Red-P's to QLD?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brozza, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, i have been searching all around the internet for an answer but i just can't seem to find one.

    Im currently on my Red P's and do not have a car license and i am soon moving to QLD from NSW in the next few months, what type of license would i get in QLD and would i have to do any more safety courses?

    Thanks heaps to anyone who can help me out here.
  2. Assuming you have a full car license then you will be issued with an RE class license for riding....essentially this restricts you to Lams bikes, if you want to upgrade to a full bike license then you will need to do another Q-ride course after you have held the RE license for 12 months (they will recognize time on Red P's as counting towards this)
  3. Sorry just edited that as you posted, i dont hold a car license.
  4. you'd have to ring and ask transport. because up here you have to have your red p car licence for a year before you get your bike l's. in saying that its not like they can take the licence off you for no reason i assume(in bold and italics) you would just be on a motorbike re-licence
  5. NSW gives out bike license's to those without a car license?

    ..seems a bit dangerous..

    Give QLD Transport a call, they will have all of the info.
  6. Why is it dangerous not to have a car licence? :)
  7. I don't see why they wouldn't. Most of inner city Sydney has nowhere to park a car anyway, so a car license is redundant for a lot of bike and scooter riders.
  8. With that attitude, you're part of the problem.

    A lot of European countries allow people to ride small scooters/mopeds before they're allowed a car licence, that way a lot of road users have some respect for bikes and the problems we face once they get their car licence. The QLD idea of having to have a car licence first is designed to do the opposite and discourage bike riding. Fucking nanny state.
    My job means I travel to and fro over the NSW/QLD border multiple times daily and although I appreciate there are good and bad drivers on both sides of the border, on balance the QLD plates have by far the higher proportion of fuckwit drivers.
    (Dons military prtective gear and burrrows under sandbags)8-[
  9. Quoted for truth. Moved up here 6 months ago...
  10. Cheers, rang QLD transport today.

    will get an RE License, so will be restricted for 8 months.. was restricted for 8 months anyway so it works out Awesome,no more 90km/hr on the highway and displaying P plates Lol :D
  11. I said that it seems dangerous, because to me it seems like you're more likely to hit some trouble, if your going out for the first time ever on the streets on a bike as compared to car.

    Most new Red P platers (that I see) do some silly things sometimes, simply from lack of road experience.

    I thinks that's why in QLD they make you build that road knowledge and experience in a car first, before heading out on a bike.... I just assumed all states did it.. oh well :)

    I can see the pros and cons of either way round though..
  12. What if I'f I'm on grn p in nsw and I move to queensland do they have greens ps in qld
  13. I was in the same boat as you 3 yrs ago.. i moved to QLD and at that time they didn't have RED Ps in place.. i only had my Red Ps in NSW for 3 months. i went to Queensland Transport at Mt gravett and told them i have had my Red Ps in NSW for 10 months lol.. she gave me my full opens QLD licence..
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  14. Thanks kingy ill give them a ring
  15. Not at all - there's a very definite school of thought that bike license first is a better bet - let people learn on something that won't kill half a dozen people if they get it wrong. look at Europe where you can start on a moped at a younger age and actually get some real roadcraft.

    The myth about getting a car license first has been perpetrated by those who hope that if people get a car license they won't want to go on to get a motorcycle licence.

    From MUARC Report No 240. REVIEW OF MOTORCYCLE LICENSING AND TRAINING by Narelle Haworth & Christine Mulvihill

    The effect on crashes of requiring a full car licence as a prerequisite for a motorcycle learner licence is expected to occur by a number of direct and indirect mechanisms. The most straightforward effect is to reduce licensing, and thus crash involvement, of riders aged under the full car licensing age. While the actual number of potential riders affected is a small proportion of all riders, this group has the highest crash rate and therefore potential crash savings could be significant. A second-order effect will be a reduction in motorcycle crashes resulting from potential riders taking up car licensing, rather than motorcycle licensing, because it allows them to become mobile at a younger age.

  16. you will go to your R license, so basically thats a full license no restrictions or anything..

    In QLD instead of going to P's you have 1 year RE and then u go to your R license ( full license ) so if youve done a year on P1 that counts towards your year on RE
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  17. im in the same boat, was just wondering if they are still able to do this or if they have changed the rules around? cheers!
  18. Again, is call qld tmr and ask.

    qld can be confusing, essentially they have 2 levels of bike licence. RE (lams) and R (full). There's 2 ways to get each licence, but since having a supervising rider is farken retarded, you do a q ride course, then have to hold an re licence for a year, then do q ride again on a big bike for your r.

    Qld does have green ps now, I was on the Victorian open but restricted licence (full car licenced) when I looked at moving up, would have got a re licence and had to do q ride. Ended up waiting till my restriction expired, at which point I got a full licence.

    qld licencing hurts my brain :(
  19. If you are on a NSW Red P (or Green P for that matter) you will be converted to an RE (LAMS approved motorcycle) licence. Now depending on the type (ie Open, P1, P2) of your other class (C, LR, HR etc) it will determine wether or not you display P Plates. For example if you had an Open car licence and were 21 years of age you would be looking, in NSW, at red P for 12 months (min) and green P for 24 months (min) and then automatically progress to full R class. But in QLD you would be on an Open RE without the need to display red P's but would remain on this restricted class forever if you chose not to make the next progression. You would have to be on a LAMS bike for at least 12 months before you are eligible for that progression.
  20. It isn't. I reckon it may even be safer to have a bike license before a car license and to need to be defensive on the road by necessity.
    Partly defeats the purpose of getting cheaper transport if you are going to Uni or a first job if you need to go through a car license first and rack up the 100+ hours in a cage with all the added expense.