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NSW: Recommended Interstate Bike Transport Companies

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by d7b, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Hi folks,

    any biker here recommend a company who can transport a bike / courier a bike between different states?

    Searched the forum to no avail and google is providing the premium product i think !

    thanks for any help,


  2. Where do you want to send bike to??

    Only used www.bikesonly.com.au - not the cheapest, but a very good system, door to door and all in dedicated bike transport vehicles. With bike tied down via frame and not forks
  3. 1300 Bike Move - Good rates, plus for additional peace of mind, if your buying an un-sighted bike, they will do an inspection and advise you before they collect of any issues.
    Can also do a secure bill of sale aswell.
  4. I went with bikenuts - all worked out well for mw
  5. perfect. thanks a million mate, some great advice.

    also thanks for the thread search results , sorry i didn't look harder :S
  6. I recently had a bike moved from Brisbane to Melbourne with Bikes Only and I found them to be fantastic, very happy with them.They provided great service.
  7. I had MTB take my bike from melb to townsville. When i went to collect it, it was covered in blankets, on a pallet and crated..... very impressed with them

  8. thanks a million folks.

    great suggestions.