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[NSW]Random drug testing has started

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gegvasco, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Just for those who didn't realise...

    Personally I think it is a good thing although it would be interesting to know how long after taking drugs will this test still register. Is it a day, a week or a month? I have been told they can detect cannabis use in blood samples up to 3 months after.

    The only annoying part of this is that the test isn't as simple as the normal 1 minute RBT style test. You have to wait 5 minutes for a result. Do the tests in Victoria take this long? You'd be pretty annoyed if you were running late or just nipping down the street and maybe lose up to 10 minutes at the RDT.
  2. I think it would be much simpler if they just asked, "Have you taken any drugs?". Naturally the people who HAD would say yes, because they are fine, upstanding members of teh community.

    And it would be over in a couple of seconds. In fact, you wouldn't even have to stop; they could just yell at you as you rode by, and you could shake your head and keep going... or nod your head and stop, which, of course, you would do...

    Easy :)
  3. Yeah we havet the 5 minute test here too,

    last i heard they caught less than 100 people here in SA, now that's saying something...

    I think the test is flawed, I see 2-3 people piping up in their car while riding to and fro work....

    Also witnessed a mate get the all clear after he had plenty to smoke that day during the original testing...
  4. Bring on the random test for if you are a shit driver or not. Then there might actually be some difference made.
  5. That would do wonders for congestion because 40% of drivers would be removed from the road. :LOL:

    As for guys piping up in the morning, just like drink driving no random testing is ever going to totally eradicate it. There will always be people who don't give a shit or think the odds are pretty good. There is even less chance of being caught at an RDT because there are less of them and if you think about it each RDT can test less drivers per hour than an RBT because the test takes 5 times as long. They would have to setup a kilometre long parking lot for all the cars waiting for the results to get the same throughput as an RBT. It will still be a deterrent for many though and that will take some drugged drivers off the road. And remember, some will actually get caught and get some hefty penalties.
  6. Just bring out a tray of mars bars and chocky milkshakes, and you fail if you down the lot in under 2mins.
  7. I actually thought they would just give you a dry biscuit and if it gums your mouth up and you cant swallow it you FAIL!!
  8. i'm screwed :rofl:
  9. Ahhh....if only I wasn't in a job that already has random drug testing and has had for some time. Oh, and that little deterrent factor of test positive = good chance of getting kicked out and losing a very high paying job for good.
  10. 'sall good, mines medicinal ;)

    mental note - get letter from quack
  11. .....actually, on that, what makes me taking my medication which tests positive as an opiate ok because the doctor says so, and yet an illicit drug user is regarded unsafe?

    kinda crazy.... all junkies need to do is find a crooked quack.
  12. From the info on the website seems the new laws also apply to some prescription medications too. Some they might not pick up on a random roadside test but if they start testing people after crashes then might be a few more people discovering their insurance is worthless.
  13. how the hell am i supposed to get on the same level as all the other degenerate crack-head car drivers out there now??