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[NSW] Question when getting a pre learner course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iFrosty, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Ok Guys so uhm ima just ask something.. what sturdy boots or shoes `did you wore on the day you had your Pre learner course?

  2. just wear anything that aren't sandals.

    they're not too fussed. I had people rocking up from Vans to full knee high boots and to trainers. I wore ankle high shoes with thick material.

  3. You sure they wouldnt care? coz i dont want to get send back home and paid for nothing just becoz i have the wrong shoes...

    by the way... what did you guys do there?
  4. When I went to HART the other week I just wore my hi-tops. They were fine for the course, though if I had had some boots to wear I would have.
  5. They'll only send you home if you can't cover your skin up. :p
  6. dude yes i am pretty sure... just to make it more ironic, i had a strict badass instructor who had paid attentive detail to nearly everything you did.

    Oh yeh, don't use your phone AT ALL during the course. Don't even check the time if you don't want awkward looks from your instructor. maybe he was having a bad day or something but i learnt a lot from that experience by paying attention to everything he said.. that's how strict and attentive my instructor was.

    p.s to answer your question - we learn how to ride a motorcycle safely. best if you not know. it's best that way with no expectations :)
  7. They also send you home if you are not competent to handle the bike. Maybe those people become cyclists.

    I bought cheap pair of motorcycle shoes but you can wear sneakers or boots or anything that covers your feet. They are not that fussed just no exposed skin. They teach you the basics of the motorcycle and controls.
  8. I did mine in sneakers as everyone im my group except one guy who's been wearing safety boots(caused him a lot of problems).
  9. Boots, sneakers-yes. Thongs, sandles, loafers-No. Just imagine dropping a cinder block on your foot and wear whatever you think would make it hurt/bleed/fracture less!

    You start off by getting pushed along on a bike before even starting the engine. They take you through the controls, gears, balance stopping, moving off...etc. Very slow & methodical-a great way to start!!

  10. well im not worried since i know the basics already :D no biggy

    i might just wear my converse instead of rabens... =="
  11. i wore globe skate shoes
  12. got it :D... coz i dont want to look like a fool wearing a hard leather shoes kinda like working shoes with a jeans.. a FOOL ==" good to know i can wear sneakers.
  13. Just do yourself a favour and make sure the laces are tied well. Because getting them caught, tripping hten pulling a bike on yourself is going to look a good sight more foolish than those leather boots... :D
  14. Yeah chicks love tools that wear sneakers with jeans!

    Get a pair of docs 14 hole. They will look great and last for ten years +
  15. wear some decent shoes, sneakers are fine. also, as suriag said, cover your skin. Take a thin jumper maybe, but a few instructors are particular about it.

    Doing the pre learners is easy.....just remember to keep your head up :)
  16. Any covered shoe is fine, but definitely recommend something that is leather and sturdy. Even a slow speed spill can hurt, the cb250s aint light especially with all the protective guards and any bike that falls on you is going to hurt.
  17. Agree. Start out on the right foot.
    Even at the slow speeds you do in the pre-L "hurt" can easily be ankle twist and it won't make it easy for you to complete the course with a twisted ankle or a bruised or punctured foot.
  18. got it :DD

    for sure i wouldnt stack it coz i ride bicycle... i have a good balance...
  19. its not just about balance.

    I wore my doc boots.

    you'd be advised to not be too cocky IMO
  20. +100%
    Confidence is good because it allows you to be less focused on yourself and more of what is around you. Being cocky won't open up your head to what you need to learn.
    As for balance, riding a pushy gives you a great start but there is so much more than balance. I could stand a Trike sideways on two wheels, get off the seat, stand on it with one leg and do donunts while holding on to the handlebars with one hand. That and years of riding trail bikes offroad mostly didn't help me today when I hit a bit of gravel, caught it but ended up in the dropoff into the gutter with the footpeg shearing off and me ending up on the footpath unco and now with a knee that's swollen like a balloon and a leg that I can't bend. All my fault. I should have seen that gravel earlier and should have been less focused on it and more focused on going inside it.

    My foot had been on that footpeg and the footpeg sheared right off. I can't say whether boots helped me or not but am damn sure I'd rather have had them on than jave been in joggers.
    Do yourself a favour, get some decent boots and if you are the only one with boots on when you do the Pre-L then have a chuckle at the rest of them. Get used to wearing them and it will be second nature.