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[NSW] question about bus lanes and t2 lanes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cafepk, May 19, 2008.

  1. hey guys

    can bikes ride on bus lanes and t2 lanes legally?
    seen people do it but not sure if it was legal or not.

    thanks for the help.
  2. Yep, in both T2 and T3

    You can ride in "Bus Lanes" but not in "Bus Only Lanes"
  3. yep,thats right..
  4. +1 what toecutter said.
  5. What about M2 bus lane? now that taxi's and hire cars can use it, when will bikes be allowed?

    that would cut the best part of 30mins off my daily commute.
  6. Fark, i didn't know that, just thought it was all bus lanes! Cheers! :cool:
  7. how about those bus lanes with the red paint on the road. such as the new bus lanes in sydney city (parramatta road, not a transit lane)
  8. Yes you can.

    I ride to parramatta past the bus lane cameras all the time.

    The only ones off limits AFAIK are "BUS ONLY" lanes (like on the M2) and the new T-way lanes (along old windsor rd and between parra and liverpool, etc).
  9. Careful on Bus Only Lanes - M2

    I am fairly sure (not certain) by the way the someone waved me out of the bus lane on the m2 that possibly I should not have been there. Its possible it was also due to two officers pulling over a vehicle around the next corner on the right hand side of the road.

    I mistakenly thought it was ok, but I think when in doubt dont do it else could get a nasty fine.

    I notice that particularly in the last two week a number of police cars/bike patrolling the M2, so perhaps its not only me that was mistaken.

    let me know if for-sure you know I am wrong

  10. Re: Careful on Bus Only Lanes - M2

    Its not a bus lane on the M2, its a bus only lane, and no, youre not allowed to be in it on a motorcycle.

    interestingly though
    The M2 Motorway - Bus Only Lane (taxis and hire cars permitted eastbound between Windsor Road and Beecroft Road)
    seems the M2 hates motorcyclists
  11. Re: Careful on Bus Only Lanes - M2

    Yes another confirmation of exactly what toecutter said. Most of the bus lanes clearly state if it's a 'bus lane' or a 'bus only lane'.

    One thing to watch out for though is that when approaching a normal bus lane (ie one in which you're allowed to be) where the red lane starts just before a set of lights, they quite often turn that little bit into a 'Bus Only' Lane - which means you're not allowed to wait in it at the red lights, even though it immediately turns into a normal bus lane after the lights.

    Hope that made sense!!

  12. Theres an interesting situation in Liverpool (NSW). There is a link road which is a bus lane. There are no car lanes, just one lane which specifically say bus lane (not bus only lane). At the end of this link road coming on to the newbridge road bridge the traffic lights are bus only lights. Doesn't make much sense. As far as I can work out, where allowed to go onto the street, but we get to the end and legally we can't go anywhere? :?
  13. There're a few around the Anzac Bridge and Harbour Bridge like that which baffle me. I mean, technically speaking, we could use them - it says Bus Lane with no other signage that I can see, not Bus Only!

    But it gives me the same sort of weird "Doesn't feel like I should be here" feeling as when I help friends backstage tearing down equipment and whatnot. :p
  14. Well the question is, if you do go down it, what do you do at the lights. Do you just go through a 'B' light when it goes white or would you get done for it?
  15. Good question - I think you'd get done for it though :?
  16. ''
    Well if it went to court it would be thrown out, so no cop would book you for it so long as you didn't piss him/her off.
  17. I'd be surprised if even the RTA knew. ;)

    Eh... If all the signage says Bus Lane - No "Bus Only", no "T-way", just a big red carpet with 'BUS LANE' written proudly across it... They don't really have a leg to stand on if you got fined for it and disputed it on the grounds that the signage is misleading.

    As northerner pointed out, usually about 5 metres before the lights the bus lanes suddenly transform into BUS ONLY... So if these mystical "behind the scenes" BUS LANE roads aren't signed as that... I guess they're fine to use, and to hell with the 'B' traffic light? :-k
  18. I take the "B" light to mean "bus-lane" rather than "bus"