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NSW/QLD outback pub crawl

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by MotoTraveler, May 19, 2016.

  1. #1 MotoTraveler, May 19, 2016
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    Two years ago I read a ride report and first learned about Nindigully Pub in Queensland. Since then I've been thinking of riding. Not like I dreamt of ride every night but you know, it has been on the list.

    So here comes a day when a mate buys a fully done up GSA, another mate buys a shiny Super Tenere and both wanting to go for a ride soon. Plan is made to ride to Nindigully pub, QLD via Come By Chance, NSW and then Glengarry Hilton pub in Grawin/Cumborah, NSW.

    Some selective photos from the 3 day, ~2800kms ride -


    Early start from Canberra, made it in good time to Boorowa, quick photo and on to Cowra.


    Breakfast at Cowra, big size coffee. Massive egg roll. Massive.


    On to Wellington. Excellent weather. Met my mates at Gilgandra and then the fun stuff began to Come By Chance, Walgett and to Glengarry Hilton pub for the night.

    Front tyre moving - GoPro_.
    My trusty Ten. Shot this with GoPro handheld pole thingy.

    GSA dirst road at Come By Chance.

    Fancy GSA. I rode it with the suspension on soft. It glides over bumps, very smooth. Goes pretty well in Dynamic Pro (?) mode too.



    The GPSs failed us and we lost our way for a bit. But we made it in time, before it got dark. This place is hard to find in broad daylight, would have been a struggle after dark.





    IMG_5524.JPG IMG_5533.JPG

    Outback style, big on everything.



    Its an old mining town. Becomes too hot in summers and miners have to operate underground. Winters are busy, plenty of activity/chatter.

    Carry a Telstra phone with you, nothing else works there. In fact I was surprised Telstra did, even more when my mate was able to skype over 3g (4g?).
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  2. sounds great dude, but I can't get the pics to open
  3. IMG_5540.JPG IMG_5566.JPG
    IMG_5570.JPG IMG_5605.JPG

    IMG_5680.JPG IMG_5697.JPG K and M riding 2 - GoPro_.
    Super and Duper Tenere.

    M M riding on dirt.

    Super Tenere at Come By Chance.
    At Come By Chance. What a name! Makes you want to go there.

    IMG_5633.JPG IMG_5636.JPG

    Made it to Nindigully Pub. What a place! Must go there. Great people, food and facilities. Good for families too I reckon.

    Then the return leg following morning. Left Nindigully at sunrise, reached Canberra in time for dinner.



    Got to do more of this.
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  4. Looks like a great trip MotoTravelerMotoTraveler. The opal fields are an interesting place. Looks like you just about went past my front door too! Good inspiration to get some sort of ADV bike, thanks for posting.
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  5. Try keep hitting refresh Chilli till they all load...
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  6. what an epic safari - great pics. you covered a lot of territory in three days!
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  7. I just had links appearing which showed a Netrider 'oops' message when I clicked them - all good now though.
  8. Yes I saw the same, unsure what went wrong. Reloaded all pictures, glad it is fixed now.
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  9. Most of the time only a few open on my work iphone 6s, but they always open first go on a crappy Nokia Lumina thingy I got from Officeworks for $70. Go figure...
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  10. Thanks. Didn't realise the hours or the distance much when riding with mates. Return leg was pretty much a non event, but thought of home made dinner, warm shower and my own bed kept me going.

    Yes I did. Next time I'll remember to tag you and say hello. The roads to Nindigully were all sealed, but yes a bike that can bit of dirt certainly helps.
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  11. Do that, that'd be good to say g'day. I've just bought a sport-tourer but when/if I sell my XJ6, a Super Teneré is one of the options I've been looking at along with the venerable DL650/1000 and DR650SE. Shaft-drive and tubeless tyres, hmm. What tyres are you running on your Ten?
  12. Super Tenere is a great bike. Highly recommended. But so is DL650, I've had the 2006 model, believe the 2012 ones are even better.

    I run K60s on rear and Mitas 07 front. Happy with them.
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  13. Thanks for sharing Moto Traveler, looks like you had a fantastic adventure :)
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  14. epic journey!!!! I'm inspired! Well Done :)
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  15. Looks like a great ride, mate. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Love the photos of the trip MotoTravelerMotoTraveler , thanks for the write up!

    I think it must have been fun trying to ride and take good photos with a selfie stick - kudos to you haha

    One day I wish for my legs to grow long enough to use adventure bikes - too many dirt tracks to explore!!
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  17. hello to all riders across netrider community and Australia
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  18. Cracking post - well done mate.