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[NSW] Putty via Old Pacific Hwy Friday 28 SEPT

Discussion in 'NSW' started by TWEET, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Anyone want to go tomorrow for this run. I know it's double dips, but we can just enjoy the ride, and take it easy.
    Thinking about getting away by about 9:30am, traffic shouldn't be too bad, lots of people will take a real long weekend off from work.

    PM me.

    Thanks Jeff :LOL: :LOL:
  2. I got my brothers grad on tomorrow morning or I would, then I'm riding as far in the direction of Coonabarabran as I can before my mate meets me in his ute, I'm thinking Mudgee before I've had enough or it's too dark.
  3. Re: [NSW] Putty via Old Pacific Hwy Friday 28 Oct

    Hey check ya title.......................it's still september :LOL:
  4. G'day Tweet,

    I wouldn't mind coming along with you tomorrow. I can't send PMs yet because I've got less than 20 posts. I'll give you a ring tonight... hopefully its not too late. :)

    I'm in Beecroft, so I could probably meet you around around Hornsby area.
  5. I have a missed call if it was you sorry I missed it. Call me in the morning if you still want to go, as long as we leave by about 1030 we will be back before dark.

    Berowra mobil is a good spot to meet, just on the highway before Berowra Waters Road.
  6. I spy with my little eye!! I saw you today Tweet on Old Pac a few kays before Mangrove Mountain.... you slowed down as I was approaching must have been the black falcon I was driving.... Only realised when I saw your bike closing in. Was gonna turn around and chase but thought nah!! might scare the beejebus out of ya :grin: cops everywhere today :( Did see a cop assisting the loading of a red/white/blue CBR onto a tow truck near Mt Colah anything to do with your ride??
  7. unlucky, i did the old pac this morning coming back from the entrance, didnt see a single copper there (they were infesting the freeway but)
  8. Well I remember seeing you Steve, and yes I was careful when I saw the Ford coming. Lucky you didn't turn and chase me, you might have got caught speeding :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I did the run with Dekker, and we saw 1 only HWP bike at the Shell Berowra, nothing else all day, even on the Putty.

    Was a fantastic day for it, thanks Dekker for the run. Only shit thing was fighting the traffic back to the city from Windsor.
  9. Thanks for that Tweet, it was a great day out. Normally wouldn't travel that far out on my own, so it was good to have someone with experience to tag along with. Perfect weather and (almost) no cops. Couldn't ask for much more.

    Things I learnt today:
    * Beware any sort of shiny road; melted tar strips offer very little traction. I had the bike wiggle on me a couple of times on the first section of the Old Pac Hwy.
    * I also need to be more aware how quickly the road surface can change condition. The loose gravel on the road around Wollemi (sp?) caught me by surprise. I can only imagine how Tweet felt being up front with little warning.
    * Putty Rd is just as fun as I remember it the first time. Maybe even more so :grin: .
  10. hey browny were u at parra for the grad?
  11. went for my first run on putty rd yesterday, spare of the moment fk work solo run. bloody great road! I got to singleton, filled up and rode straight back down putty again lol

    how do you get from putty rd to old pacific hwy?

    also when is the next run Tweet?
  12. when you come up the putty from windsor direction there is a turn off on your right (after all the twistie fun stuff) this leads to Broke, then follow the road through to Wollombi and keep going straight through all the way till you turn right onto the OLD Pac
  13. Which grad??
  14. How does tomorrow sound?????????
  15. not again this week... I have to turn up to work sometime lol next week sometime?
  16. Next week is good, anytime, just let me know.
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