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[NSW] Putty Road - Saturday 5th April

Discussion in 'NSW' started by conspiracytheorist, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Note: Posting directly here instead of calendar as ride is 3 days away, so its allowed.. so don't delete/lock please or I may have to rip your nipples off :p

    OK so Putty road this (April 5th) Saturday.

    Leaving Berowra mobil shortly after 8am.

    The pace won't be too fast, but breaks won't be too long otherwise it can turn into a very long day, especially since we are going to do 10 mile at least twice.

    Thats right, we're going to push straight through to the half way house (apart from fuel stops), eat and break there, then do some laps of 10 mile.

    Then home via Windsor. Unless we made awesome time and people are in the mood to turn around and go back the way we came.

    NOTE: This is a long day (about 450kms for me, then add 30ish for laps) so L platers aren't encouraged unless they are confident. I won't be in front myself due to being slow, but thats not really an issue as the directions are simply 'straight on old pac, peats ridge, turnoff to wollombi, straight'.

    - Will (sv1000s)
    - Hornet600 (.. err riding hornet600)
    - Yak (riding a yak)
    - Trev (cbr600f5i)
    - Railtracks (no idea)

    And whoever else. Trying to get cameron and romeo. The more the merrier :)

    NOTE: Weather dependent, ride not on if its raining!
  2. 50/50 starter for part of the trip as I'm planning a 4-day trip north.

    Also depends on weather.

    I'll also be taking it easy so unfortunately for you, you'll have my company.

  3. this sounds good but short notice. Put me down for 50% but i will confirm more by Friday.
  4. Im interested. It depends on how much drinking gets done on friday night!
    I might stay sober for this ride.(havent been on a day ride since november) I'll ask my mates dad if hes up for it too. (hes got some naked 650 suzuki from the 70s)
  5. hope its still on tomorrow. im defintely an inners for this.

    8am at berowra it is.
  6. CUN75

    wish iwas joining ya but ill be freezing my gouch off at pucka range.

    have a good one boys and one of ya get a speeding ticket for me :wink:

    (pointing at you jake) :p
  7. Thanks mate :evil: :LOL: ...lend me your licence and the Firestorm and I'll happily get as many tickets for you as you want :grin: Would you like me to get it impounded for ya too, burnouts and wheelies in front of the coppers, should be fun :p
  8. yeah do you reckon you could binnit to? :LOL: had metal shavings come out of the sump when i changed oil on wednesday. time for an insurance job. shame that pauls mate doesnt work at sydney city anymore... :wink:
  9. For a small fee I'll ride it up to Waterfall Way and throw it off that lovely ledge, so she'll have a nice view on the way out :wink:
  10. I'll join you for this, not sure about how many laps of the 10 mile i'll do as have to be back in Syd early afternoon, still the ride up through Wollombi is nice enough...

    See ya's at Berowra at 8!
  11. Excellent, a z750 :) Haven't had a chance to check out the 05 model properly (possible upgrade).

    See you guys there.
  12. In the words of the great late Big Kev, "I'm excited!" - Bike has just had major service and tune up (8 shims it needed! :shock:); new rubber front and rear; new rear shock; new break pads. So yeah, bloody raring to go.

    edit: Oh yeah, and new chain and sprockets with a couple of extra teeth at the back :cool:
  13. Sorry guys, I'm out.
  14. Guy's I might join you too if you dont mind, I'll most likely just keep coming on to sydney, are any of you making your way to coffee meet at rouse hill? I'll let you know later tonight
    Cheers Lou
    PS I think the cbr need a run lol
  15. sorry guys I am out. The KSRC is holding the exact same ride on the Sunday. Meeting at the pie in the sky at 9am. I dont have the urge to do it 2 days in a row.

    all welcome on sunday though

    Sydney OPH Regular Run

    Meet: Pie in the Sky at Cowan on the Old Pacific Highway

    Destination: Varies. Often laps of the OPH, but it depends upon the day. Other destinations include Wisemans, Wollombi & The Putty.

    When: 9:00 am

    Skill Levels: All skill levels catered to. You ride at your own pace and the group will re-form at pre-defined locations.
  16. I'll see you there guy's if i dont sleep in :LOL:
    Cheers Lou
  17. I'm a late inclusion Phizog, sorry about it being late notice. See you bright and early tomorrow morning!!
  18. Holly crap you're committed!

    See you guys there!
  19. Very enjoyable ride, great scenery, pace, company, roads, lack of police.

    Thanks all for coming, sorry about being late!

    Ta to the Yak for going up the front.

    And also thanks to yak and trev for the test ride, very fun machines you have there!

    Also, I think I need to pad my oggies so its easier to rest of legs on them :LOL: