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[NSW] putty road run , Sun May 3rd

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: simon

    iam organising a run to singlton via putty road stop for lunch in the hunter valley then back to sydney via the highway all bikes an riders welcome leaving at 8:00 am on sunday 3 may meeting at maquarie arms hotel in windosr for any info please email ...

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  2. I've not done putty road before.

    But how long do you expect the ride to go for, there and back?
    also on p's but that shouldn't be a problem?

    Depending on the above questions, weather depending i'd be up for it.
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  4. Its just over 170kms from windsor to singleton , so on p's , you probably looking at couple of hours each way plus any stops.
  5. Definatly looks the goods :LOL:

    Don't get me wrong, I've heard everyone loves the Putty Road, just never done it myself
  6. Could someone clarify the route the ride will be taking?

    My bike (srv250) only has a 13 litre tank so unless there's a fuel stop along the putty, I might not make it the full distance :(
    Otherwise, if you don't mind me turning back half way count me in (unless there's rain)!

    Also, what's the exact route for the return trip?

    Memephis - Technically I'm on my 'P's but since I'm old, they gave me blacks. So yeah, another 'P' plater then.

  7. theres a servo in Windsor; Colo; Colo Heights(38kms fr Windsor); Halfwayhouse(120kms fr Windsor); Broke(156kms fr WIndsor); or Singleton (174kms)

    My tank is also 13.5Lt, 1200cc V-Twin, with 180kms range.
  8. sounds good.. I'm pretty sure I can make it ..
  9. Thanks RKO,

    Doable to halfway house if I fill up at Windsor, so that makes me a happy camper. (Kinda suprised at whereis.com as no petrol station shows up between colo heights and singleton)

    Yeah, unless there's rain, would definitely like to tag along (especially as this weekend looks like rain and more rain)

  10. Putty road

    HI All

    There is a servo about 80km from singleton fuel is a bit on the dear side but will get you to singleton if you have to top up half way.
    Be sure to toot your horn when you pass by home as you just come into singleton.
    For those riders that have not ridden the road before it's a great ride with good road surface and a great 16 to 18 km section after the half way servo.

  11. The Putty is a great run. Stop at the Halfway Roadhouse if you have time as the boss there makes a good coffee.

    Just filled up the CB250, 420kms to the tank running around town. Thats 13.8 ltrs, 3.2 L/100kms.

    Singleton and back on the one tank, Yippie.
  12. srv 250 should make it to Singleton and half-way home, I would have thought..
  13. My srv is a bit funky. The reserve doesn't work and I found that out the hard way... I now fill up around 100kms

  14. id fill up at colo heights, i only get about 160-180km out of m tank. I didnt fill up at colo and had to keep it under 5000-6000 rpm to get to the half way house

  15. putty road ride

    my name is simon iam the guy organising the ride there is plenty of fuel stops on way were riding the putty road were turning off a bit be4 singleton an heading over to the hunter valley for sum lunch at the pub then heading over to the pacific hwy and runing back down to sydney that way its about 300 km round trip an we will probly get back into sydney sumtime in the arvo any questions about the ride please ring me 0449894214 hope to see you ther
  16. Could be a maybe for this one depending on how the week pans out.

    Would probably not travel to Singleton with you if that's alright but break off at Milbrodale Rd and head to broke for lunch and then come home via Putty....have to get home for the kids in the afternoon.

    Hope that's ok with you.

    Besides will be nice to ride/meet with some new NR.

  17. G'Day all, I'm a maybe on this one depending on what the other half has planned.

    Haven't done the putty road before have done bells road a few times from what I have heard that the putty road is better so it should be good, plus haven't done a netrider ride before.

    I'll most likely be the same as Kim will most likely only do about half the trip.

  18. hey

    hi guys yeah no worrys u can do half the ride the trip will be a full day so feel free to tag along as far as u want to go in the morning i will show every 1 the actuall route on map an stops in the morning an u can work out from ther were u want to turn around an head home there is 8 of my friends an famly going just be cool to meet sum new people rember 8 am at maquarie arms pub in windsor have a full tank of fuel before we meet my bike is a 2008 black suzuki gsxr 1000 ther will be a red 2009 honda cbr 1000 rr fire blade keep ure eye out for those bikes parked at the pub
  19. Where in the valley will you be having lunch might ride down to the half way sevo and ride back and have lunch.

  20. ive never been to singo on a bike, so most likely gonna be in.

    do they serve brekkie at macquarie arms?