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[NSW] Putty Road Run, Mon Jan 28th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jared

    Time for a putty rd run again

    Putty rd, old pac, etc.

    Class 4 due to the distance (google says 353kms from windsor to bottom of old pac so its a longish day). Please note there isn't an official leader or tail end cha...

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  2. jared mate , what servo is it?, cause theres a mobil and a bp close to that turnoff
  3. Mobil I THINK. Not 100% sure. Someone who went on last oxley trip that tweet organised, what servo was that?
  4. McGrath Hill Mobil on Windsor rd
    It is listed in the meet points for NSW on this site.
  5. Holy Batman!! Thats a huge-er loop...longer than the usual broke-wollombi loop. Level-4 ei??? :wink: :p
    Im INNN!
  6. Oops that link is fairly rough! I don't even know the normal way we go, but whatever that way is, thats what we're doing - perhaps we normally go through mangrove mountain or something. Definitely not sitting on the freeway thats for sure.
  7. yeh we'll know it when we see it...
    hope the cornermarking works.
  8. Yeah should be sweet. I might go pickup the 2 way long range uhf/cb radios that I'm intending on getting to try out (with the intention of taking them back it they don't work properly when riding, VOX is usually bs but I'll fork out for a decent one and see).

    I won't be at the front of the pack though, but I'm sure someone else will be happy to sit up the front.
  9. You've got a bit of boring road just before and after Singleton :cry:

    Why not turn off Putty Rd at Milbrodale Rd and head to Broke. Slightly closer than Singleton, and then come back via Wollombi, Kulnura etc

    Broke to Turramurra = 141kms
  10. I agree with Alex; Singleton to the head of the F3 is as boring as, and the F3 will drive you nuts. Why not turn off at Milbrodale, cross the Cessnock winery country to Toronto, down through Morrisett to Doyalson, a short transport stage on the F3 to the turn-off to the old Pacific, then home????
  11. Sounds good. The route was more of a general direction than specific route, I just dragged out a general 'singleton, broke, pacific highway' without looking at specifics, what we will do will not be exactly these just roads.. just near.. Don't pay much heed to my maps, I get lost finding narrabeen :LOL:
  12. yeah jared is a bit of a doofus :LOL: the usual run is across to broke wollombi, pheats ridge, mt white

    if i'm still up there i will be there
  13. i'll lead if no one else will. I know the route backwards. The good one that is. Jared? singo, f3? Wtf! *bitchslap* :grin:
  14. Well, maybe we should do the run backwards, anti-clockwise allows for a bacon'n'egg rofl at Road Warriors on the way up. Nothing like a hand grenade for breakfast :LOL:
  15. Yeah, hand grenade all right, farkers don't know how to cook an egg.
    Doing it backwards will not suit Dom and Phiz, cause they won't at all like the run home from Windsor to the Northside....

    I agree with others, Singleton down New England Hwy will be painful, just turn off millbrodale rd for broke, then George Downes Dve to Wollombi.
  16. A pain poor widdle Dom and Phizzle will have have to suffer, whether at the beginning or the end :p I don't really mind either way, but there's something right with the world when a Putty run ends with the fastest section.

    ...and that's my agenda done for this thread :wink:
  17. Too right, the slug home is a real biatch and I prefer to do it in the morning on the way (ie whilst I'm still asleep), instead of having to fight traffic later in the day. :grin:

    Plus I like doing putty rd from windsor side more, I don't know why..
  18. I hate you all.


    Oh right, that would be the jealousy speaking out :p I love those roads!

    Have fun!
  19. I would be more inclined to do it starting on the Putty too if it's a morning run, because for me the run home from Windsor sux too in traffic. The Pacific Hwy isn't much better, but it's much shorter distance to be travelling in traffic.

    I do agree with Yak though in the Putty sweepers at the end are a blast