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[NSW] Putty Road Ride, Sun Dec 16th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: the_rsole (aka Kim Macauley)

    There was rumblings of this ride occurring, so I am making it official.

    Meet McGraths Hill McDonalds at 09:00 for a 09:30 departure.
    Ride will be;
    * Along Putty Rd to Halfway house
    * Break @ 1/2way House for 15-30 mins
    * Continue to Br...

    ... more

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  2. Sound good, put me as a maybe at this stage.
  3. YAY! :p
    If weather holds, i should be in. Its only like my 3rd times down this road so I'll take it easy. I'll confirm Satdy.

    I think Hally will get a new set of Michelins for this ride, gonna be more difficult to keep up with him :LOL:
  4. Bike is at shop now should have it back tomorrow night. At this stage im in \:D/

    It was going to be michellin's but they dont make the size i need so looks like it's between metzeler and dunlop. Im going with sports tyres and supposedly dunlop have developed a sport tyre for smaller bikes. but think id rather metzeler's new sportec m3.
  5. AHHH one day before i get my license!!!
  6. That is a good review, spoke to mechanic this avo and im picking the bike up tomorrow avo, so if the weather is dry ill be there! Can't scrub in tyre's in the wet to dangerous :shock:

    The only redily available tyres were the dunlop sport/touring GPR100. Wish my mechanic had chosen metzeler's but the dunlops are much cheaper and will probably do more Km's.......although the way i ride it probably doesn't matter what tyres they are ill chew em up in no time :twisted:
  7. Enjoy the ride guy's wish i was coming along too, but sundays are not good for me. :cry:

    Just a word of warning, after doing this ride last Saturday. The road from Broke turn off to Broke there was alot of gravel/ dirt, like it has been dumped by truck all hte way across the road, about every couple of k's or so, and gravel on bends from Wollombi.

    So enjoy and be safe

    Cheers Lou
  8. Hey R-K-O I have seen you ride and there is no such thing as taking it easy :grin: The putty is heaps of fun.

    Don't know if I will make it this week as it is Darrens birthday and I may/will still have WAY too much booze in my system to ride Sunday.

    Ride safe :biker:
  9. Current poll by www.superbike.co.uk:
    How often are you scared when you're riding your bike?
    :twisted: Never. I have nerves of steel.
    :oops: Never. I ride like a small girl.
    :) Once or twice over the years. I go pretty steady actually.
    :eek:hno: A few times when I go on track or go a bit daft on the road.
    :eek:hno: Every time I put a helmet on.
    :shock: I haven't slept since my CBT pass.

    I think Im in that 40% pool on the last Jenolan ride
    and Putty is more technical rd than Jenolan, but we got Triple07 who practically lives and breathe this road :grin:.

    Damm pity if you cant make it Matt but whatever is more sensible for you - take care mate..
  10. And it will only get worse.
    After alot of rain (such as recently) George Downes Drive (the road between Broke Store and Wollombi Pub) tends to have lots of little potholes appearing, which is bad enough. To fix them, it seems repair crews just drive along and dump loose gravel into the holes and give them a little pat down to level it off. The crews up there would have to be the shittiest road crews anywhere, as they leave copious amounts of gravel loose all over the place. The same goes for Milbrodale Rd (the road Lou mentioned) between the Putty Turn off and Broke.

    Take it easy around these roads, and take care not to punch a hole is your radiator if you don't have a protector.

    I will be working so can't make it, and really I try to avoid it at these times anyway.
  11. precis is rain for sunday, problem with riding after heavy rain with gravel and potholes (esepcially in the extra gravel bit around wollombi atm) as tweet mentioned, you will also get stream of water draining across the road sometimes, and these tend to be mid corner. just be careful, i got several soiled undies moments when i went up the OPH on wednesday arvo from just this. or getting a front end wash out when you hit a damp patch.
  13. Mate your tires will be fine, just take it easy for the first few corners. I try to give it a bit more on new tires when i am on not on a smooth bit of road, there are some twisties near my joint with good grippy road. Belt up there and back a few times and i am away.

    Seriously anyone who loses it cause of new tires after being told by the bikeshop (they should drill it into you) should get back into a car, they could have no idea. Mind you perhaps they should stick around, statistics say some of us are gonna buy it, my monies on the guys losing it coming out of the bike shop on new tires lol.

    As for what percentage i fall in above. I would say i been scared twice. Once i lost my xs250 big time when on my L's. I was 16 (you could do that in 86, car or bike L's at 16, on a bike you were away it was way cool. They stopped it a couple years later from memory.

    Anyhow i lost the back in the rain going around the tight bridge as you just come into Pitt-Town township. I grew up there so was overconfident. I slid like a biatch into the guard rail, few scratches on the bike but broke my leg big time, still have plates and screws holding it together.

    Other time is bout a week after picking up my Speedy, I was goin waaaay too fast on the Putty Road and through ill attention overcooked a right hander at about 180kph. I had to hit the anchors big time as i tried to line up where i was gonna leave the road to a spot where there was no posts, trees etc. I was shitten bricks i tell ya. I left the road still going maybe 80 so had to release the front brake as i left the tarmac onto the grass. Dont know how but all was good. Stopped, had a cigarette to recover. And meekly road home shaking my head, i was lucky another five mins and i had solid guard rail it would have been ugly.

    Anyhow enough of my stories lol.
  14. Oh no, would love to come but it's this time of the year where there is not enough hours in the day...I am sure in 2008 this ride will be on again,, enjoy guys and ride safe.
  15. I'd like to come along.
    See you guys on Sunday. :grin:

    Looks like it may be wet.
  16. Some of you guys are soft. Rain, hail or shine, I'll be there (I have to I organized it).

    I'll be taking it easy anyway, as I'll have a pillion. Anyway, see you at Maccas on Sunday. I won't get a chance to review the list of final numbers, so I will just see who is there before 09:30, and assume that is everyone.

    If you are or aren't coming, ride safely, and remember there will be a larger presence of police around.
  17. As long as we don't get any more rain, you guys will have a great ride. I did the putty loop on friday, and the roads were great, barely any gravel anywhere. The dirt road north of wollembi was gone to shit, even worse than usual, but everything else was good.

    So good in fact that i actually scraped a toe for the 1st time... twice! Even though the balls of my feet were on the pegs :grin:

    And also ran into Conan at road warriors as he was going up to newcastle. Mate, you should have gone up via the putty insead :wink:
  18. Well the mechanic couldn't get me a new front tyre in time so i have to wait till monday for that but i took the new rear for a spin up the pacific today and im already shredding it, and already the chicken strips are down to a few millimeters as well!

    Hope the weather is dry cause ive got better things to be doing than riding round in the rain for no good reason. Been for a spin today while the weather was good anyway so im not hanging for a ride. Might wait till its dry to do putty cause i love technical sections and cant help but go all out.

    If im not there have a safe ride all and ill see you on the next one.