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[NSW] Putty Road Halfway House NO FUEL

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TWEET, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Went for a run up the Putty yesterday, and when I stopped at the 1/2 way house, both pumps out of order, and the staff say perhaps won't be working again until Monday, but not certain when it will be fixed.

    Personally I never bank on getting fuel there for a number of reasons:

    1) Been too many times I have seen the pumps out of order

    2) They charge at least 30cp/l more than any other servo in NSW, and before anyone looks at the price there and says "oh, but it's only showing $1.51p/l", that is what they charge all the time, even when the price everywhere else is $1.10. I suspect they can't change the price or something thats why they might be putting the pumps out of order as the market is at about $1.50p/l right now and they can't leech you for all you are worth.

    3) It seems almost EVERY weekend there, the standard unleaded pump is out of order, but the premium pump works fine.....They like to make a little extra $$ on weekends it seems, and they know lots of cars/bikes stop there on weekends.
  2. So what you're saying, tweet, is that nothing has changed in 34 years :LOL:.
  3. why not make your life easier and just pass a law making it mandatory for every business in the country to fall at your feet? ;)
  4. I never rely on the halfway house for fuel. Get it at wilberforce and if you need to get it at Bulga. they seem to be reasonable and have more pumps so breakdowns arnt as common.
  5. the problem isn't that the pumps are broken - just that they have nothing to pump. Their distributor (or who ever orders the stuff) doesn't seem to have a clue.

    That problem went away for me once I could do 700km on a tank :D
  6. Thanks for the heads up, we'll be sure to have enough fuel to go to the next town.
  7. Public discussion creates awareness.
    Awareness shapes marketshare.
    Reduction in marketshare stimulates competition.
    Competition lowers prices.
  8. umm, I don't get it. Margins on fuel have always been very small, and they would have to shift many less litres than most. What they want is for you to buy drinks and burgers. You are in the middle of nowhere anyway and it has never been mandatory for any people station to have fuel all the time.

    SO, where is the competition given that the HWH doesn't really have to sell fuel to stay alive, regardless of what it costs? They couldn't care less about whether you filled up in windsor or at their pump. They are still banking on you stopping for a rest anyway!
  9. Umm that pump hasnt been working(or they still havent got their deliveries) since 30th Dec 07, thats the last time I checked. So we had to "cruise" to Colo Heights and my mate had to be overtaken by cars too.. :LOL:

    We need a servo at the bottom of the hill before the turnout to Broke.
  10. what you need is to plan ahead and take a jerrycan or ease off the throttle a bit!

    It's no different to crossing other parts of this big brown land where you call ahead to make sure fuel is available and that they will be open for you when you get there!
  11. I think its worth stopping there just for a break anyway. Also the guy who runs the shop is a biker and had a really good chat with him last time I stopped in there, nice bloke but I can't remember his name.

    Whats even more amazing is that he has only one hand, his left, and he had the throttle switched to the left side on his bike so he could still ride it.

    Being a biker I'm sure hes not overinflating his prices to catch out all the bikes that have to stop there, hes probably just making a living like everyone else.
  12. For those short on range, from Wilberforce to...

    Bulga = 146kms
    Broke = 153kms

    Both have premium at more reasonable prices than Half Way House anyway
  13. You are talking about the Colo servo, not HWH.

    Tim, I'm just pointing out why I choose not to fill up at HWH, I never told anyone else not to, and I don't expect them to have fuel, hence why I always leave windsor with a full tank. My post was to inform others who may bank on getting fuel there, and end up stuck when they can't get any.

    Oh, and if they want you to stop for a drink thats one thing, but if they want you to buy a burger, they should start serving food fit for human consumption. I prefer to eat at Broke or Colo, both much better than HWH. You should try ordering a ham and cheese sandwhich.....
  14. that's cool. It wasn't you that derailed it.

    I gave up on that a little while ago!

    Now I just take a loaf of bread and a camping stove ;)
  15. Woops...my bad...note to self, don't post when you haven't slept much :)
  16. Just got this email through about fuel at half way house:

    This is a bit of a bugger so dont forget to fuel at Wilberforce BP.
  17. Yes, I've been buying fuel at that little BP for decades, and it's 167kms to Singleton from that spot, so if you're going to ride between those two spots with some elan, mayhap you should fill up there first.....
  18. ^^^ Mental note - Always have fuel. LOL only in this day and age is fuel for m/c a problem
  19. I don't believe OPEC actually got this memo....
  20. I was at the Halfway House on Sundays and was told its under new managment and will have fuel next week sometime,I could expect trouble making the distance between stations in the middle of nowwhere but this is 150ks out of Sydney