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[NSW] Putty Rd windsor- singleton-windsor, Sun May 25th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 22, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Belinda Carter

    A few of us are doing the Putty Rd this Sunday. Just up to Singleton for lunch and then back down the Putty. No dirt or gravel roads.

    Im bringing along a couple of non netriders and there will be a mix of all abilities.

    If you would like to joi...

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  2. Will you be wearing your chaps bel ?? :shock: :wink: :LOL:
  3. I had forgotten about them!! But thanks for the reminder... I added to the 'Does my bum look big on my bike' thread

    So far about 10 bikes going on this ride
  4. I'd be there, if not for the learners run :)
  5. SNowman and his old Kawaka 1200

    I'm a newbie
    Can I come?
    text me meeting point and time 0420811638
    I cant seem to pm until i have posted 7 times :?
    this is only my 2nd post
  6. Hey Snoman

    The meeting point is the Ettamogah Pub at Kellyville Ridge on Windsor Rd. We are leaving at 10am (cause it's winter :grin: )
  7. xx

    Thanks for letting me know
    I plan and hope to make it!!!
    Just have to double check with my partner that theres nothing else I am supposed to do on Sunday
    Weather forecast looks good (Cloudy but not raining)
    I've heard Putty road is a good road to ride but this will be my first time on it....................
  8. It will be a good day, and we have a learner doing the road for the first time so it will be an easy day.
  9. I'm totally there! Watch out for me on a dark purple streetfighter cbr900rr...
    I'll meet at the ettamogah at 10.
  10. Hey, I was gonna be doin the learners run on sun.........but like the sound of the putty rd a bit betta....mainly cause i live about 2 mins from the ettamogah :p And ive been meanin to give the putty a run as ive heard its a good rd. Also im happy to sit at the back so i dont hold people up!
  11. Oh ok , ill come too but only if ya promise to wear the chaps Bel :LOL:
  12. I rode the Putty today, it is in great condition, except for the run up out of Colo where some contractors were lopping overhanging trees on the northbound lane (which actually is a good thing) I wouldn't expect them to be there on Sunday however.

    As a side note, if you stop at Garland Valley, keep your eye on your food; I lost half a bacon and egg sandwich this morning to a very alert and speedy currawong :LOL:.
  13. I was also going on the learners ride, but will give this one a go. Last time I went it was pretty good!
    See you all at ettamogah!
  14. This should be a great day, clear skies are forecast and Im sending my bike to bed early tonight so he is raring to go tomorrow.

    Its a late start so just letting everyone know that we are leaving 10am sharp. If you get there late just head towards the Putty and Im sure you will catch up. We will be stopping at Wilberforce for fuel.

  15. Hey, just letting you know i MIGHT not be coming tomorrow.......had an incident at soccer today and might hav fractured my rib??? Hopefully its just a bruise and wont be an issue. But ill see how its feeling in the morning...and hopefully ill see you all tomorrow!
  16. What an eventful day
  17. !!!!

    Sorry I missed you guys
    Well, I got lost
    I didnt find the Ettamogah Pub
    was a bit Late so at 10:20am I took off on my own, as fast as I could, trying to catch up to you guys
    but alas, no luck
    made it to Singleton - and back
    Great road!!!
  18. Re: !!!!

    Well Snoman You made it alot further than we did
  19. Everyone OK?
  20. yeah