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[NSW] Putty loop tomorrow (Wednesday 13th)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by conspiracytheorist, May 12, 2009.

  1. Mega late notice, but I'm keen to do putty and no classes tomorrow so its go time!

    Always better with company though, so if anyone wants to come, post up!

    Meeting 9.30. I don't mind which side we start the loop (berowra or windsor).

  2. what's the putty loop? i'd like to know more (i'm at home tomorrow - got my Ps test monday so i'd like some last minute practice.)

    I'm at Epping.
  3. If youre starting off fr OPH im maybe in the area but its gonna be 10am Berowra. O/wise have a nice trip!
  4. Er. It's a bit too North and a bit too long for me (not sure my bike will like something that long) but looks cool, have fun!
  5. Normally I'd say "man up and go", but for obvious reasons, I can't :LOL:.

    The Putty IS a rite of passage, though, and you should give it a go; a 250 is not out of its depth, and an out-and-back from Wilberforce to Singleton and return is 'only' about 340kms.....

    hey Phiz, any chance of you doing the three-dayer I posted for the weekend after next? It's posted up as suitable for for Ls & Ps, only around 240- 260kms a day, and a couple of experienced riders in the mix (assuming anyone responds (someone has)) would be great.
  6. I like the idea of riding for an hour or two but that's going to take half a day or longer and I have other stuff I gotta do ;)

    whoever goes - have fun and be safe!!
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  8. this is actually my lunch break so i gotta be back to the office by noon :LOL:

    Seeya at Berowra 10.00 and i'll just do OPH to Sommersby or turn back @Jerry's Kulnura.
  9. Haha nice! I'll see you soon.
  10. Great catching up with you Jared, havent seen you with the CBR for awhile. Sorry was late due to traffic on LaneCove Rd fr Ryde, I thought by 9.30 people would already be indoor, not on the road like us. Had a pricey experience filtering on a harley before, so I dont do that much anymore. (Clipped my brake lever and got screw on tyre).

    A nice quick run we had!
    Few bikes at Jerrys when we had coffee.
    Catch u later! :grin:
  11. arhghg, I always miss out on these posts. :(
  12. Thanks for the company mate, you get that XR moving very well! :grin:

    Yeah there were quite a few bikes I spotted throughout the day, including about a dozen ulyses guys at halfway.