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[NSW] putty and upper hunter loop[sat 8th march]

Discussion in 'NSW' started by mr magoo, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. lou,myself & the kids are heading up the putty to jerrys plains, via wallaby scrub rd, then onto muswellbrook, via eddarten rd and denman rd then a couple off back roads back to sandy hollow or denman for lunch then back to the fiddler for coffee, about 450ks[but don't quote me on it] return leaving BP at wilberforce 630 am, doing speed limit no matter what my daughter says
    [god help me when she gets her lic] not really suitable for L/P plates due to distance and fatige. Hope to be back at the fiddler by 4pm.


    If anyone wishes to call me: 0409311668
  2. Hey Mr Magoo,

    You reckon i'm up for this, if so let me know.


    Hopefully you will let me come.

  3. Hey Where the fkuc have you been mate, did someone just resucitate you??
  4. Hey Tweet,

    Sorry about the silence, ive been working all this time.

    Im gonna try and not work weekends anymore so you will be hearing alot of me from now on.

    Hope to see you in future rides.
  5. brendon, you know you are, but is your bike :p :LOL:
  6. Luckily my bike is getting its 20000k service this Friday, so hopefully it will be prepared.

    I will be bringing tools just in case. :)
  7. I think i'll try something new and go south this time.

    Plus i dont think i will be able to keep up with the big boyz on the putty.

    I know Mr. Magoo is planning to stick to the speed limit, but I dont think thats possible on the bike he rides. :LOL:
  8. Just read the whole South ride forum and they have extended it to be 700k, unlikely for me especially for a 250. I will be tagging along with you guyz that is if the weather is good, see you then.
  9. Sorry mate, daughter duty calls. Ride safe.
  10. Mate he will not be speeding I can tell you, as he has our 11 year old on the back and I have our 8 year old on the back with me, so all speed limit or just below. :grin:

    So if he doesn't he has me to answer too :mad:

    Cheers Lou
  11. so you'll be at 100 or just below all through the putty :p should be an eventfull ride :LOL:
  12. But Lou they'll just bounce further if he goes faster.... :shock: Kidding of course :grin: Love to come but S.A. beckons..
  13. I'm a maybe. Pace sounds right for me! :LOL: But I've pulled out at the last minute of the last few rides so just pencil me in (with a faint pencil) :grin:
  14. Yeah Phiz...where have you been hiding...saw a volunteer on Clair's ride proposal happy camper hey?? :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I keep planning to show up to alot of rides recently, but I also keep planning big ones the night before :oops:
  16. Guy's just a update, Magoo put wrong time up, it is a 7.30am start.

    Sorry, but there is NO WAY I'm getting out of bed at 5am, for anyone. :shock: :LOL:

    Cheers Lou
  17. Why oh why, being a saturday I wont be able to come, would have liked to though.

    Have a great ride people see you at the fiddler.
  18. I have been looking for a good ride to go on as my first group ride.
    I am on my P's but my RVF can do the speed limit :p

    Would you guys mind if I tagged along?
  19. prahs- your more than welcome to come along, your right your bike will do the limit but can you do the distance.
    the reason i said that it's not L/P friendly, is that not all L/P riders get out and do 450/500kms rides or ride 8/9hours, and the return trip back up the putty is not the place to be tired/sleepy on but if you have done similar rides then by all means come along :)
  20. I think I should be good for it I have done some longish rides.
    Maroubra to Bathurst and back... Maroubra to newcastle via Wisemans Ferry and back down the freeway.

    I am just going to need a couple of Red Bulls for the Early start :D