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[NSW] Purchasing a repairable writeoff

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by heinrich, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Im seriously considering purchasing a 'repairable writeoff' and im just wondering what added costs are involved in getting a bike back on the road besides cost of repairing.

    ive been told that once the bike is up to spec you need a blue slip ($80ish?)
    and then to take the bike to the rta for an inspection, how much does this cost?
    Then is the bike is ready rego?

    im from nsw,
    MOD: Next time I'll lock the thread if you don't abide by the rules of posting in politics and the law

    other people from qld/vic are talking about $300 or so for inspections in other threads is this excluded in nsw

  2. don't you need to get a VIV (Vehicle Identification Verification) which in VIC is about $400 or there abouts..
  3. no nono once you have a blue slip there should be no need to take it to the rta, you take the blue slip (which is just a more thourogh road worthy check then a pink slip) to the rta pay rego and change over, purchase plates

    as far as i know if you are in nsw the blue slip covers the viv that kyro discusses

    best beat would be to talk to crutch he often sells repaired bikes
  4. I asked the same question when I was looking for my first bike and the overwhelming response was 'no'.

    Perhaps a project for a later bike when you have a bit more experience (if this would be your first bike and you're not particularly mechanically/project inclined), but generally the bikes are written off for a reason...
  5. A friend of mine got a Z750, it was a great buy many right off you can hop straight on and ride. It's well worth checking out. As an example my bike was rear ended at xmas the damage bill was over $5000 I rode it for another 3,000km before I did any repairs because they were all cosmetic.
  6. once u got it repaired

    $30 ish for a bike blue slip

    if bike is 10 years or younger it needs RTA identity check, this is free but take 1-2 weeks to book it (to make sure its not stolen and the correct engine in it)

    green slip 250$ if ur in a decent area and a 250cc bike and ur around 21yo
    up to $500 + for larger cc's

    license plates and rego is about 100ish

    looking cool on a bike u fixed ur self priceless
  7. To register a repairable write off in NSW:

    You will need to take the bike to an AUVIS this is a repairer usually a workshop that issues blue slips. The blueslip is a vehicle identification and standards check. Take that, and the receipts for the repairs to the RTA for registration. Auvis inspections for bikes were just price adjusted before christmas, I think about $31 now.

    Be warned!!!!!!!!!

    Many repairable write offs have very minor damage, it is just too risky for insurers to fix them and possibly have to keep paying to fix anything you may complain about after they have repaired it, not to mention that if anything happens to you while riding it after repairs that they authorised due to a failure, they have serious liability issues, and their way around all of this, simply write it off.
    When you buy it at auction written off, they have no liability at all, buyer beware.

    They often write off bikes (particularly late model sports) with very little damage, as not only does this eliminate any liability issues, but often these types of bikes fetch good $$ at auction due to people wanting race bikes, or such as yourself a cheap late model bike they can repair over time. Sometimes what appears to be minimal damage, can actually be severe, forks slightly bent, frames hairline cracked are all things not always so evident when looking at a damaged bike. Sometimes only once you strip fairings etc off do you find these things.

    Any bike with extensive cosmetic damage, will not be cheap to fix. If you can repair the existing plastics, it will be cheaper than new and possibly 2nd hand plastics, but still not cheap unless you can do it yourself. Used plastics from wreckers in undamaged condition are rare, usually they only wreck bikes that are quite damaged, and as such plastics are usually the first thing to cop it when the bike is dropped, and often a wrecker will sell you damaged parts you need to get repaired anyway.
    Sometimes depending on how popular the bike you buy is, it can take months to cource replacement plastics from various sources.

    Factor in the cost of fairing stays, brackets, and any other bits and pieces and it can well cost you more for a damaged bike in the long run than it would have to buy a good one first up.

    I suggest unless you are experienced or have access to help from someone who is, stay away from damaged bikes.
  8. heheh wow thats alot of writin

    ignore the liability mobo jumbo if ur willing to have a go and use a screwdriver and are able to screw things back on after they have fallen of u will be right

    BTW if u give up repairing pliastics is my speciality
  9. Hey Crutch,

    The liability info was pertaining to why insurers often write off bikes appearing to have little damage.
  10. thanks for the replies guys.
    i have had experience in playing with and maintaining 2 strokes so i dont think minor repairs are beyond me.
    there are two things i forgot to mention one is theres a scrape over the engine leaving something exposed. below is a photo of it, can anyone tell what part of the engine is it? and if it looks major as im not familiar with 4 strokers.
    the guy has a brand new cover for me to put on it.
    should i ask for it to be removed so i can have a closer look. he declined to start the engine for me due to the hole there. is that a reasonable response? or should i get him to put the new cover on and start it up or would it need to be cleaned out with a vacuum or something incase theres bits of metal in there? whats a rough cost to replace the internals (teeth or whatever) i might offer abit lower to cover myself incase there stuffed.


    also would the muffler pass inspection, notice the top left of exhaust has crack (2-3mm small opening we're joins are)


    thanks guys for your responses :grin:
  11. The main reason they write off later model bikes especially those under 2 years old has very little to do with liability and alot to do with the policy. Alot of comprehensive insurance will offer a new replacement if the bike is written off within the first 2 years and some also write off the bikes if the damage reaches 50% of original value in the fiorst 12 months. As the bike is so new all parts need to be replaced with new OEM parts which in most cases cost $hitloads I have heard in excess of $3000.00 for fairing on some Kawasaki's. I bought a repairable write off it cost $50.00 in parts $50.00 in Safety certificate and 12 months rego for a 4 month old bike that cost me 30% of the original value bargain I reckon it may still have scratches but I can fix those overtime. As long as you have enough knowledge and do some research they can be a real bargain especially naked bikes as they dont have as much plastic to break.
  12. I would only buy one of these to build a track bike or a streetfighter.
  13. First off, make SURE you know teh full extent of damage and consider what teh real cost will be. I mean, hidden damage like broken or bent fairing stays, cracked airboxes or similar. Just cover your ass. Nothing worse than getting deeper into a project dollar wise than a good second hand bike would have cost.
    Once you're up to speed on that, find out what you can do with regards second hand parts. I'd forget new OEM parts unless you really have no option. Going this way (new OEM) will guarantee a financial disaster.
    I've always thought the best way to go with RWO's is to only buy a very popular model (cheaper and more available second hand parts), and the ability to possibly biy another crshed bike and make one good bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Can we get a better picture of that scratched thing i cant tell what it is. Look inside if its got electrical components (magneto starter motor) then your right as rain. If it looks like its supposed to have oil in there u might be a bit screwed and have to considering pulling the engine apart and cleaning it out.

    Unless u dont care much for the bike the bits will do a big amount of wear and tear and come out with ur next oil change.

    Best to find out what that component is. Go to a dealer and ask someone on a new bike
  15. Hey crutch,
    the bike looks like a no go, as we were unable to agree on price.
    i asked him what the damaged part was and he said it was the starter and it was meant to have oil in there so he didnt want to start it (thats why i didnt agree to the normal price as i wanted to factor in possible costs of internal damage)
    the bikes from motorcycle disposals.
    its a gsxr1000 k4 $7.5 + fee. but it needs front fairing and right side fairings plus quite a few minor parts.
    i figure i could get it fixed and rego'd for around $10k
    with current gsrx 04' selling for $12-13k in good condition.
    i dont know if its worth it.
  16. It is the starter thats damaged. Didn't think they had oil it though. Your better off writing down all the parts that need to be replaced taking it to suzuki and getting quotes for those parts (including the starter). Even if your not looking at genuine or new parts it will give you the best idea on what sort of price to do a repair.
  17. hmm, yeah it the part looked like it supposed to have oil in it then u would want a tear down and clean up.

    Good choice. There are plenty of bikes with no engine frame damage keep shopping around. If i got some free time i might be able to check it out for ya.
  18. Streetfighter it! Should be cheaper than that though.
  19. hey guys its been a while, but ive found another bike i like, this times its a yamaha fz6n for $4,500. its got a grazed frame and dented fuel tank. www.motorcycledisposals.com.au/Bikes/Bikes Pages/775R FZ6/FZ6.htm
    would frame repairs and a new tank be needed or do u think it'd pass inpsection as is. it looks like a great buy