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NSW P's test - U-Turn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mick250, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I have looked and looked but just cant find out how much room you have to do the u-turn.
    Can someone tell me how wide of an area you have to do it in?
    Also what are some good tips for doing it on a CBR250rr?

    Cheers guys
  2. Isn't something you should stress about mate, best thing is to find an empty car park at night or on weekend and practice. Use the lines to mark your distance and just keep making your target smaller and smaller.

    Keep it smooth, and look through the turn!!!! In the end, you'd want to be able to turn in a pretty small area, as some roads are pretty tight!
  3. Hey Mick250,

    Its 6.1 metres - My tip is do it on one of their bikes... Its gonna be tough apparently on the CBR.
  4. It is do-able on a cbrrrrrrr, people have done a U-turn without losing any points. However you do need to be very familiar with the bike and have had alot of practice.

    The majority however have alot of trouble and many end up just hiring a bike to do the test. When i did my P's there were 2 people in another group on a cbrrr and gt250r who had lots of trouble on their own bikes, so they used HARTs bikes and passed with no troubles.
  5. Points to remember:
    -start close to line
    -weight inside peg with foot
    -counter lean to outside
    -feather clutch and back brake
    -put your idle speed up maybe 300rpm for the test, makes it easier
    -you need to get to steering lock as quickly as possible as soon as you start turning
    -practice makes perfect
  6. Hmm with full steering lock will it even make 6 meters?
  7. If a fellow NR can do the whole Ps test on a 650 V-Star with panniers still attached and not lose any points whatsoever, you can do it on a CBR.
  8. I was having trouble and these tips help HEAPS.

    Get some chalk and mark out the U turn box on the ground.

    The main thing is you need to look where you want to go and the bike will follow .
    When you enter the box ,THROW you chin over your right shoulder I mean ,really twist your head ,if you just turn it alittle bit ,it won't work .

    And be in 1st gear ,you can rev the crap out of the bike it dosen't matter.
    Fine the friction point on the clutch ,and use the back brake.

    I try to explain it ,the way it was explained to me ,how this works.

    Imagine the bike is a piece of string and by useing the clutch and revs ,and useing the back brake ,it tightens the bike up the bike feels stiff. Why??? the clutch is pulling the front tight and the rear brake is pulling the rear tight .
    This makes the bike easyer to control while doing the U turn .

    If you get my drift.

    Once you get the hang of that your 90% .got it .
  9. practice, practice, practice!!!

    just remember to look where you're going and not just a meter or two in front of the bike, turn your head as far as possible and feather the clutch, don't use the front brake, rear only if needed, and

    practice, practice, practice!!!
  10. WOW :shock: 9 replies in less than 24hr, i thought i would be lucky to get a couple.
    Just want to say thanks heaps guys for your help i really appreaciate it.

  11. Mick250 are you allowed to put your feet down? If you put both feet down do you fail?
  12. Where abouts do you live? there's a practice course up at Botany Bay if you're interested. Painted out on the private road.

    I did my P's on my Virago and got 100% - but that's cos I practiced heaps - Practice practice practice! but it's not that hard
  13. Yes, a CBR will do that easily. In the ACT you have to do it in 5.1m and we all manage just fine!
  14. I went out there one time (Prince of Wales Dr). There's no way that box is 6.1 metres. It's like 5 or something.

    I've been practicing like crazy. Even that smaller box is makeable. I keep a little bit of rear brake on all the way around. Hold the revs high and use the clutch. Chin up at all times.
  15. Edster - where abouts you live? yeah it's at Prince of Wales Dr. the course outlined there is waaaay harder than the actual test so if you can clear that then you're fine :)

    Edster - if you're from the area come meet us up one monday. Jakob, ihaveduff, Cosmo_sydney, Komunista and others meet up in randwick every Monday nights for coffee and conversations and sometimes a ride afterwards
  16. U turn on the RR isnt a prob. I did it and it was raining at the time, which added a little to my nerves but all you need is practice and to know your bike!

    Youll be very tight with full lock, you want to lean the bike in while you hang off of the other side and look where you wanna go, simple as that.

    Besides that the rest of the test is easy and a foot down is what... 1 point, 2 tops so if you feel that your gonna fall over, put your foot down, keep on the gas and finish the u-turn and you will still pass easily!

    Better then dropping and failing.

    But ya, as everyone else says, mark it out and practice!
  17. DUK35, I'm actually from up north in Epping. Thanks for the invite. Not sure I can get down to Randwick that often though.

    When I heard there was a practice course in Botany I rode all the way out there to give it a go. I struggled with it for a long session but it eventually improved my technique. I was not consistent on fitting the turn into such a tight box though. I was hit and miss.

    After I left frustrated, I looked up the actual dimensions on the RTA site and realized the markings are nowhere near the same. Made me feel a little better about my performance.

    Having practiced a lot more at another car park I'm tempted to try those Botany markings again.
  18. you got it!
  19. I found that my cbr250rr would only just fit the max range in the uturn. If you go to a car park and measure out the metres. I found it was two and a half of the one near me. If you can wheel teh bike around from one line on full lock to the other line and complete the uturn, then it can be done riding it.
    I found it much easier to idle the bike in first gear with the cluth out and control speed with rear brake. Found it really difficult and uncomfortable to try to feather clutch and throttle.
    Another method i employed was to trick myself into believing i was going to complete a turn of 270degress rather then 180. I made myself look the extra distance over my right shoulder and found that when my head and eyes were 90degrees past the point i wanted the bike i would look forward and the bike would then straighten up. Bit hard to explain but it worked in training me.

    Campbelltown uni should still be marked out if you wanted to practice there.