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[NSW] P's Test Booked 6th October - Which Bike? - Passed!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Toefa, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Hey guys.... Just wanted to get some opinions, i have finally booked in to get my P's in 2 weeks time :dance: and i am not too sure what bike i should use?

    I am confident i can pass the test with considerable ease, but i dont know if it will narrow the odds by using my CBR. The way i see it, its a hassle to have to re-book and wait to do the test again if i fail, so i want to glide through the whole process.

    I could use Starlets bike (CBR125) which i can throw around like nothing else, but i commute on the 250 and have racked up a few thousand kays on it, and can handle it nicely at low speeds... Just dont want to mess up the U-turn?

    Then there is always the Training Centres bikes :shock: ??

    I thought i had decided to use Starlets, but after reading a couple of posts on here, i am not too sure again.

    Any help?
  2. Take both to a car park and practice the sorts of things you'll be doing on em (the u turn, cone weave, etc etc) and then decide which one you're more confident on and use that one
  3. Good luck with it! can you let us know which you eventually choose to do it with? naturally I'm wondering how the U-turn thing will go on the cbr125. ;-)
  4. +1

    I'd put money on it that you'd find the 125 much easier, with the smooth clutch, being lighter, etc.
  5. do it on the bike you know the best. i did it on my bandit 250 without a problem, it has a horrid turning circle! i found the U turn one of the easier activities.
  6. I can u-turn my mothership within the specs of the test, you should have no problem doing it on a CBR250 if you have experience with that bike, and some practice
  7. worst cmoe to worst, foot down AND crossing line on uturn doesnt accumulate enough points for a fail. guy on my test had that happen yet passed.
  8. I passed my p test last week. I had planned to use their bike, but at the last moment ended deciding to use my own bike. Everyone says that's its hard to turn on our bike blahblah, but if u practice b4hand and just rellaxx then the whole test is actually really easy. I think its more the nerves that gets to u.
    I think u should use ur own bike, because u'll be used to it.

    p.s remember to do headchecks! lol i lost points becos i didn't do a headcheck.
  9. Cheers Keisha, the other problem with my CBR is that it is LOUD... Ridiculously loud :shock: (the way i bought it though). Would they say my bike is unroadworthy because of noise?

    I can just imagine all the instructors trying to teach pre-learners etc and scowling towards my direction as they lose their voices for screaming.
  10. hahaha! yea me too! I think i got one of the noisiest exhausts out there. All the people doing their L's kept looking at me with bewildered expressions on their faces. But you'll be alright, the instructors are pretty cool. I even rode my bike up when i was doing my prelearners and noone said anything, they just told me to park it out on the road. :grin:
    btw where u doing ur p's? i had mine at clyde
  11. :LOL: good one
  12. Ahhh thats a relief!! How much actual MOST practice did you do?

    Im doing my P's at Tuggerah, i like going to the quieter places, the instructors seem a bit more laid back. Did my L's at Adamstown and it was great.

    Thats crazy that you rode in to do your L's :grin:
  13. Well i live close to olympic park, so i just practiced my u turns in the car parks whenever i had free time and on the weekends. I didn't have cones so i didn't practice the cone weave but u get lots of practice on the day anyway. And so long as ur comfortable moving around in low speed u'll be fine.
  14. Which car park... Was it the one near Monster Mountain X?

    I think i will spend a bit of time this weekend practicing the U-turns in those carparks too, Starlet is going for hers 2 weeks after me, so i should have a practice buddy.

    The slow speed stuff i am really confident with, i think the two tasks that are daunting are the countersteer swerve thing and the U-turn. I will just mark out 5 and a half metres and try to stay within that and the rest should be smooth... Oh, and i will take the constant headcheck advice.

    :grin: :grin:
  15. I practiced in carpark 4.
    It's good u have a practice buddy, makes things much more fun.
    yeah with the tennis ball swerve thing. They tell u in the beginning that If u stuff that up its an automatic fail. Eg, if u go the wrong direction, or if u run over the ball. This sounds harsh, but it's only because it's seriously the easiest part of the test.

    The u turn was the trickiest bit for me, just practice practice practice.
    O and ur allowed to skid ur back wheel when u do ur emergancy stops, u wont get points off. But make sure that when u do come to a stop u hold onto the brakes, as if u roll forward or backward accidently they will count that as a fail.

    good luck with ur p's tell us how u go!
  16. Will do!! Thanks alot for the advice :cool:
  17. :woot:

    Passed my P's today!!!!! Yeeeehah, did it on the CBR250 and didnt accrue any points either! I am really stoked, now all i have to do (after a few celebratory beers) is keep calm for 12 months and preserve the few points that i now have.

    Anyways, thanks for the help with the bike choice and tips :grin: :grin:
  18. congrats!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: now show me how to do it! :p
  19. Well done stealth, but I'll ask the same question as Nickt - Show me how do it.

    I have had my L's for a couple of weeks and am now just looking for a piece of s&%$ bike to practice on for a month or so, then go for my P's.

    I don't think I'd impress anybody by turning up on my VFR 750...
  20. what's your location boc? i might head out with stealth [we're both north-ish sydney'ers] before I get my P's to practice all the stuff ;-)