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[NSW] P's rumor

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Komunista, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. i heard thru the grapevine that just recently here in NSW a P plater on a motorcycle no longer needs to display his/hers P Plates.. Is this true ??? has anyone else heard this ??? can anyone confirm this ???

  2. i think that wins bullshit of the day hands down.
    never take ya mates word for it untill you see an official publication.
  3. Ever heard the saying ....if you haven't heard a rumor by 9am ,Start one!

  4. +10
  5. never had to display a p here in SA
  6. :LOL: rotfl lmao etc

    actually, you are right! you will no longer need to display it on the vehicle HOWEVER, you MUST wear this hat at all times during the probationary period or face hefty fines.

  7. In Vic, we have to wear Ps if driver is newly licenced and is a probationary driver. If you have held a car licence and are on a full licence you dont have to display ps at all on a bike.
  8. you know what i can safely at 8:35 this morning it was an offence to ride without showing my p plates. $185 and 2 points. thankyou officer. thank christ he let me off with a warning about my speed 71 in a 50 zone :shock: :?
  9. Way to attract attention to yourself hey :p
  10. tell them it simply fell off?
  11. Wow, that's awesome! They won't have heard that before!

  12. Mine really did fall off. I wrote in explaining that attaching it was problematic as it either rubbed against the tyres or blocked an indicator, and that the rta provided no info about mounting it no a bike, nor do they provide plates that work properly with them, and nor is there any 3rd party product for attaching the plate. And, that as an L plater with a few weeks experience, how would I know that the plate would fall off when it was attached sturdily.
  13. unfortunatly i had the remains of the last p plate that i bolted onto the number plate, but it had some cobwebs around it.

    here is my new improved Tin plate reinforced p plate