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[NSW] p's course/most test question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. long story short...i simply believe IT CANNOT BE DONE....i've come close...but even walking the bike through...the zzr literally JUST makes it....and my far more experienced mate who's fully licensed also couldn't pull it off ....he's done it on many bikes helping friends get their license and yet was unable to do it

    so the question is....if i run out of the lines of the u-turn will i be failed on the spot or simply incur points?
    i've no problem with taking on the rest of the test...just hold near no hope for the u-turn part

    mind you - i start at 8:30 in the morning....and yes i know i can rent a bike, not looking to do so if possible.
  2. 5 points I think. You can accrue 8 and pass.
  3. On my cruiser It worked best if I had my arse off the left hand side of the bike, my head turned fully to the spot I was heading, and the bike leaning a bit to the right. Keep your revs up and the clutch at the friction point.

    I think the leaning to the right shortens the turning circle, but you need to be off the other side to counterbalance
  4. yeah me mate even tried it...but the amount of lean you need to do it is stupid...nay near impossible at the speeds required, i'll contently take my hat off to anyone who can do it first try lol
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  6. The p's test is easy.. if you're confident in your abilities and can operate the bike smoothly, and can do slow speed maneuvering etc.. you'll be fine.

    if you can't stop the bike and grab a handful of the front brake and go A over T, i suggest you practice :p

    but seriously its not that hard :)

    i didn't do mine at the aforementioned place so i dunno if they do it differently.. to where i did mine..
  7. Yeah I can do everything well but need to practice a bit on my u-turn. Did you have to do a u-turn in your test? I'm planning to go to RiderBros to get my license.
  8. I looked at that website today too. I'm going for my P's tomorrow (Rider Bro's) and I wanted to make sure that that's what I was going to be tested on. (Why that information isn't on Vicroads website I'll never know.)
    And no u-turns down here. :woot:
  9. I'm not saying I could do it, but I bet you could if you practised enough.

    After doing literally hundreds of Uturns I was able to get the turning circle to < 5m. Not sure I could still do it quite so tightly now, though.

    Have you tried putting a bit more air in your tyres? I noticed that an extra 6psi made my bike turn much more easily.
  10. i don't remember doing one.... except for when we were mucking around and warming the bikes up, there were 2 of us and the trainer.
    i did mine at baylink motorcycle training in hastings, as it was local.

    I do u turns all the time when i'm out riding, and once you get the gist of it its not that hard.
    good luck on your test though mate.
  11. Note that the u-turn box is bigger for the test than it is for the morning practice session (at least at HART). If you put your foot down once on the u-turn it is only 1 point...
  12. Not what you want to hear, but it can be done. How do I know? I passed my test on the trusty zzr. Forget about walking it through, it will turn tighter when its moving. Its teaching you to suck eggs, but
    1. Look through the turn. Entering the box, this means over your shoulder.
    2. Bike in, body out. Its not a silly lean angle till something attached to the bike scrapes.
    and don't forget:
    3. Cheat. Enter the box at an angle, not parallel to the edge. See below:


    The green path is much easier than the red, and 9/10 will still pass. TM2B

    Oh, and checking your tyre pressures is always a good idea.
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  13. I HATE YOU...but...accept your cheating method...might give it a few tries before rocking upto the course (with-in reason of course i won't make a mockery of the system.), Rip...*tips hat*
  14. i found that the uturn was a lot easyer then the cones
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    I had 2 cruiser drivers in my P's class and they just paid $150 each to hire a CB250 from the range to use for the day.
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  17. I wouldn't walk the bike through. For each step you will lose points as it is classified as putting your foot down. That was what my instructor told us anyway... Although I did see someone step about 4 times and still passed?!?!
  18. Hyo gt250r won't even make the walking test. Having said that, it will make it easily ridden properly. The trick is to lean the bike in but lean your body out - exactly the opposite to ideal cornering technique.
  19. Let me know how you go, I'm planning to go there for my P when my exams are over.
  20. I passed without too much hassle. They had us go out onto the range with the guys that were going for their L's, then after about 45 minutes we broke off and did the test.
    Total time there about 2 - 2-1/2 hours.
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