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NSW P's course and MOST

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rogue13, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. While the NSW P’s Course and test is still fresh in my mind,
    here’s my recollection and some advice.

    8 Hour day involves 3 modules
    1. Theory & Practical (Class room and Range training)
    2. Assessed Road Ride
    3. MOST

    Theory Part was mostly reinforcing or expanding on what you were taught in your L’s course like creating Buffers and accident prevention. Good info presented and if practised will save you some pain, money and maybe your life. On the practice range you’ll put the theory into practice which then inturn becomes your practice for the MOST.

    Assessed Road ride was a 30k cruise around the local area, with plenty of
    advice on stopping distances and crash avoidance. Make sure you have
    enough fuel for the whole day. We got a lunch break at 11:15 to eat and
    fuel up if needed.

    Most Test – we had 2 practice sessions during the course of the day, in our
    case the practise was tougher then the test as the weave cones were placed closer together and U-turns tighter so when you get to the actual test it’s piece of cake.
    The actual test is in 4 separate sections, each rider will do the test individually
    and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

    Section 1 is a tight left turn and stop in a box, test can be done at any speed so take it nice and slow as you don’t want to drop any point this early in the test.

    Section 2 is a cone weave and u-turn – practice your clutch control, fast idle and rear brakes to get through this one. This is the only section where the average rider should accumulate points and if you do don’t worry and carry on as the next 2 tests are basic.

    Section 3 is emergency stop – keep between 20-25kph. set up and squeeze the hell of the front brake and ease down the rear for control/balance as soon as you pass the markers – you lose points for every marker on the ground that you go past after a certain distance.

    Section 4 is the hazard avoidance (half tennis balls in this case) you have to go over 20kph avoid the obstacle and go through cones at the end. Do it at a comfortable pace and use your lower body to guide the bike – you get a second go if your not going fast enough.

    So that was my day yesterday, I did pass, but not with a perfect score
    I forget to Head check on Section 3 & 4. So remember to head check
    before start each of the 4 sections. People did fail the course so keep
    your nerves under control, make sure you understand the instructions
    for that section of the test before you begin and HEAD CHECK x 4.

  2. Cheers Rogue, nice write up. I will re-read this a few times before my test - I'm booked Saturday week.

    What did the others fail for... Was it head checks and failed U-turns?

    With proficient riding skills, is the theory and practical enough to get you through the test?
  3. Thanks, glad to help.

    People failed for not understanding instructions - like which lines
    to conrner between and in my opinion they were clearly marked.
    1 guy blew the U-turn
    then knocked a cone over
    then thier front tyre left the u-turn area
    then rear tyre left the u-turn area
    which all accumalates point - so it's errors in seccession which
    will bring you undone and not just messing up the u-turn or
    not just knocking over one cone in the weave. One guy racked up
    8 points and just passed(9 points and over is a fail).

    If your worried about U-turns, don't be becuase unless you drop
    the bike you won't fail for messing that up, just put your foot down
    take the points and carry on.

    It's not a difficult test, there is room for error - you don't have
    to be perfect.
  4. thanks for the heads up mate. I have my MOST booked for th 15th :cool:
  5. I did the same thing last week.

    Accumulated some points on Section 2 due to my nerves and consequently trying to speed through it.

    The scariest part was the Assessed Road ride because the instructor was almost taken out a number of times by inattentive drivers doing unexpected things.
  6. Good info.

    Going for my day fairly soon.

    How was the road assesment conducted ? on an individual basis or is it some kind of single file group exercise ?
  7. Single File group exercise.

    The instructor leads with each learner taking turns being second.
  8. Mine was different.

    The instructor lead first leg then dropped back 2 places
    then further into the trip dropped back another 2 spots.

    This way he could see what we were doing and give us
    feedback instead of us following his lead.
  9. that's what mine did too. Can i just add that the "assessed ride" dosn't actually count towards u getting ur P's, so don't worry about it.
    Unless u do something ridiculously stupid. Like run someone over. :p
  10. I have mine 2mrw, Wed that is, and I can't do the U-turn in the 6.1m box cause my right hand gets jammed up against the tank and hence cant get enough throttle to keep it upright.

    I was wondering if we could do it anti clockwise and also if i went outside AND put my foot down what would happen? Is that an auto fail?

    Thanks in advance. ;)
  11. Umm i'm pretty sure if u did it anticlockwise it would be considered a fail, so i strongly suggest u dont try.
    It was hard for me to do full lock turn too, but i compensated by leaning more.
    Not sure about the the point system
  12. Slip clutch, get full lock as soon as possible, pressure on inside foot, back brake, good luck. :grin:
  13. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.

    I hope it all works out. I guess thats why they have the 8 point buffer to account for various bike styles and issues such as these.

    If I pass I'll post up how it went.
  14. Yes you would fail, not following instructions

    But good luck anyway!
  15. I've booked my P's test in Clyde for the 19th of october.
    I am scared shitless.
    Ive been practising everyday.
    I failed my L's the first time, so im already nervous there will be a repeat.
    My bike hasn't been making it much easier. Its a honda VT250, its very long and heavy, and i am not, so its very difficult to maneuver. Im totally confident for every day type stuff, but the cone weave and tight u-turn is really difficult for me.
    I am really concerned that i still cant do the cone weave or the u-turn. I havent attempted the swerve thing yet. If those things dont fail me first, my nerves will.
    The test is almost a month away, and im already freaking out :(
  16. bummer dude. i'm booked for the 15th @ Clyde lol so close.
  17. well, how'd you go mate?