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NSW - Provisional

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by knifepoint, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Hai guys ;D

    I've been on my P's since June last year, I was under the impression I had to be on them for 18 months, but after a bit of searching on this site and google I still can't find a definite answer. The RTA site is very vague, if it's only 12 months, I'd be off my P's right now and able to upgrade to a full license.

    anyone able to give me solid evidence on if it's 12 or 18 months?

    also, anyone able to tell me if I'll get into trouble if I carry a pillion as soon as I get my open license?

  2. 12 months, get to the RTA and upgrade that license.

  3. thanks mate, here I was thinking I had another 6 months to go.

    open license here I come =D
  4. Some confusion though....
    The P rider licence is issued for 18 months, but may be upgraded after 12  months.

  5. I think that's where I was confused.

    so can I take pillions straight away? it states I have to be on open license for one year before that??
  6. You have to actually go and upgrade your lience, new pic, and they'd also check to make sure no fines/points
  7. what do you mean by that
  8. +1, dont scare me alex..

    I will have a pending speeding ticket when I go to upgrade..
  9. Heres hoping you just mean any points/speeding tickets on the license, ie. if its valid at that point in time.

    Pretty sure thats what you mean. Crisis over, close one! :oops:
  10. Not quite ..
    there is also shades of Green, Grey and Blue on the page :p
  11. So what's pending about it? You're let to lose your points?
  12. Still in the appeal process :wink:

    I'd lose license (only takes 1 speeding ticket on red Ps) if I copped it now, but when I get fulls I'm free and clear.
  13. Even if I wont be found guilty for months down the line? They'd suspend me down the track? :S
  14. yep, quite possible.
    here is the other form they may use-
    question 4
  15. Hmm.. :(

    I think they'd have to give me the next license though.. And when I pay the fine, since its not retrospective, nor is it a 'be suspended' penalty, they look at what license I have, take the points and give me the fine, but having fulls I wont be suspended.. I hope
  16. All the best with it, but Im with Joel, Q4 looks like it was made for you.

    Why wouldn't everybody booked on their P's appeal, get full licence and have the points deducted from their full 12??
  17. Because delaying it long enough can be tricky. That said, most sneaky ones do appeal for the same reasons.

    The question is whether they would say no you can't get your license, as you have a fine that hasn't been worked out... And I really dont think that would happen.. hopefully
  18. I would not worry too much about those questions they both say any pending charges.
    A Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) is not a charge and therefore would not have to be disclosed at those questions.
    The points are not added until the fine is paid and not shown on your traffic record until then.