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[NSW] Provisional licence way to long!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mr_bagel, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. I got my red P's about a month ago and i was supper happy but then was advised of the amount of time im going to be stuck on them.

    L's - min of 3 months
    P1 - 12 months
    P2 - 24 months!

    Over 3 years is just BS. also over 25's don't need to do the Green p's!? i don't see why they get off the hook, why does age determine skill?

    Anyway it's really depressing :( won't be long now until we must ride covered in bubble wrap and are restricted to a speed of 20km/h on 50cc scooter for 5 years before we are allowed to go to a manual bike of no more than 250cc for a futher 9 bloody years or something!

  2. Welcome to net rider Mr Bagel
    I'm going to let the rest of net rider eat you up
    BY the way have fun riding
  3. not bad yourself

    should of thought about going to get your license before June this year and u would of been sweet
  4. I thought of getting my license before june this year. End of jan, even. Me and a mate took the first available day, 4th/5th march. RTA next morning for the DKT, walked out at like 11am on the 6th of march with L's. New licensing system announced, effective 1st June. Won't even have had L's for 3 months when this gets flushed down the pipeline.

    Shit happens.
  5. And i thought 12 months was a long time on motorbike P's (qld).

    Start a facebook countdown like i did! 205 days left for me!!
  6. Yeah but working all week leaves me only Weekends which were booked up for months.

    at least when i get unrestricted i will have some $$$ for a bike
  7. Move your licence to another state that doesn't have shite restriction rules. 3 years stuck on a LAMS bike would be the suxzor. :twisted: Glad I got my fulls and dont have to worry about it.
  8. Get the LAMS Hyosung 650 ( make sure its the carbed model ) and unrestrict it!

    The only reason my ass is on a Hyo.

    And agree, what does age have to do with riding ability? I have been riding since I was 4. And this stupid government thinks its gonna tell me to ride a bike with less power than what I had when I was 10?

    I dont pharkin' think so. :cheeky:
  9. of course there are repercussions for doing the above. Learn to ride the pants of your starting bike, and I hear it will set you in steed for your bigger bike.

    also you don't really need bigger than a LAMS bike based out of wagga, Trust me I lived there for well over a decade.
  10. I own the LAMS Hypsung GT650r already
  11. I don't know if it's the same in NSW but being on P's doesn't mean you're also on restrictions.

    Restrictions last for a year, P's longer. e.g. I'll actually be off restrictions but will still be on my P's for a few more months.

    Kinda funny, as I'll legally be allowed to ride a litre bike but I won't be legally allowed to drive an V8 or even this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Astro1218/fiori.jpg with it's whopping 34kW. :LOL:
  12. Restrictions are part of being on p's for us, as long as that plate is on my bike im restricted.
  13. I've herd this too. But your never going to progress without progression imo.

    It all depends on your riding ability. If you have only clocked up a few thousadn kays I'm dead set against it. If you have been riding almost as long as you have been walking and know your way around a bike why not!

    Then depending on your riding abilty/skill and common sense level what are you waiting for?
  14. Age exceptions is more to do with maturiy then experience/skill IMO. My 50-something father-inlaw is happy to cruise at posted speed limits and stick to his lane where I'm (25yo) more interested in popping monos, pushing the limits of the bike, etc etc.
  15. I don't like being told that since im young im going to automatically do stupid shit. im a 20 year old man who has a brain and can think for myslef.

    The age limit stuff still gets me since what the RTA a saying is as soon as you hit 25 than you are mature.

    Im sorry but age doesn't dictate squat.
  16. Does it help in spelling and grammar?
  17. the only places you can utilise a supersport or large tourer around Wagga are generally heavily patrolled. Wagga Police are more than happy to randomly pull someone over and do walk arounds, licence and rego checks. One of the benefits of having the military and the Uni in town.

    The fantastic twisties are a good distance away and the good local ones are always policed. Then combine that with the general shoddiness of a lot of the main roads around the area, means I wouldn't want to be coming into some of the corners at any real excessive speeds. You want a litre bike good for you wait your time. There are more than enough places for you to stretch the 650 out, without speeding.

    Coolamon road would be good at the speed limit, as would any of the roads from ganmain-matong etc accross to ardlethan, or from the mango road accross to the hum via any of the small farm areas(pulletop, big springs etc), the Mango-holbrook road would be good as well if it wasn't so damn rough. then chuck in the cookardinia Culcairn road, and up the olympic to henty for a burger at Dales.

    The stretch from Nangus to gundagi is great.

    But as i said earlier, your more than likely going to come accross a mobile red and blue light disco wherever you go around wagga.
  18. no not really
  19. i forgot to add forty+ degree days and harvest traffic


    See the * ?
    Thats the Insert Rider Seperation Box, that neatly seperates the rider from his/her bike.

    If you go wide on a corner due to your speed inexperience or a cock up. You too could end up trying the "Insert Rider Speration Box".

    Having to wait 3 years would be annoying, but there are many many other riders who have to do it as well, and many others that never ride bikes higher than the restriction bikes. And a few of them are damn quick where it counts.
  20. When I got my driver's license, I got stuck on the 3 years of P plates (and the learner logbook). Back then though, you weren't restricted from certain cars.

    I did 2 years in a Mitsubishi Mirage, and then on the last year of my P's... a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII :twisted:

    I followed the logbook and the licensing system... and in hindsight, I'm a better driver for it. My driving record can attest to that (no traffic violations ever - touch wood).

    Now I'm getting my rider's license, I feel the system will help me become a better rider. I'm over 25 though, so I miss out on the 2 years of green P's.

    I guess you just have to deal with the fact that:
    a) Not everyone has been riding since they were 5.
    b) It's proven that men under 25 are over represented in car accidents.
    c) That's just the way it is.