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[NSW] Protest Ride

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Smokae, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Since the Victorians are in the full swing of things getting their protest underway, I believe we should too!

    1st of July does coincide with the official date for increases, but i think a lot of you may have trouble getting leave for that day. We do however need a mid-week protest and need to do it in peak hour beginning 4pm and ending 6:30pm in the Sydney CBD.

    If we can lock down traffic and ensure people are well and truly pissed off, maybe, just maybe, we will get some face time to voice our concerns rather than a silly little column of text in an online newspaper. If we take our protest near the Sunrise building and other major media outlets, preferably with separate groups at each location locking down traffic, we might just get on the 6:00pm news.
  2. Good idea -- they want you to pay as much as cars may as well act like cars
  3. I figure it'd be a good idea to have our protest before the Victorians but I have no idea how to get the word out. This way the Victorian protest will be seen as a followup though entirely on a different issue but much the same attention is given to us. Let's hope we somehow get some positive attention from the media.
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  5. do some research 1st and contact the right people, even the cops need to know about it
  6. i'd come if it was properly organised
  7. No they don't depending on how it's done.
  8. ACT guys at Canberra riders are also talking protest rides about policing attitudes

    what would a national day be like of protest rides in each capital city -- if that doesnt get a mention on lame stream media nothing will
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    NSW CTP Greenslip hike backlash. Lets not cop this as well

    Hi fellow BYKAS, The NSW Govt and the Insurance companies are about to smash many of us motorcyclists up against the poor wall again. I don't know about you but I have just about had jack of it.
    Riding my motorcycle is the only stress relief I have left and these ass's are going to make it even harder for me to enjoy. Let’s face it, our chosen lifestyle, transport, vice, hobby, pastime, and feeling of freedom would be so much cheaper if it wasn't for bureaucracy. Think about it; Rego, CTP, insurance, inflated fines and so on.
    I understand that we need to pay for these things, but lets get real, it costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year on top of what it costs to maintain our machines. I'll be happy with fair.

    I'll do my best to keep you up to date on progress with Weasel and what is being organised to combat this unfair issue.

    below is a link to weasel and what he has to say. Please pass this message on to any of your friends. If you are on facebook, join the group Riders Against Bureaucracy.

  10. Hopefully I can get the right inquiries made tomorrow to ensure that a protest involving legal riding can be undertaken legally, i.e. do we require a permit or designated zone for a 'protest' that involves no illegal acts, just riding to the road rules and safety guidelines.
  11. What's your main agenda, besides doing it because the Mexicans are doing it?

    I'll come if there is a real need to do something.
  12. expression of interest here

  13. Or just come along to the next meeting....

    Monday 5th July at 7.30pm at Ryde Ex Services Club Victoria Rd
  14. +1

    I'd def come.
  15. Are you aware that CTP will increase by 84% for some riders?

    That we are being blamed solely for the increase in CTP and the deficit the State Government is facing?

    That it is only a short time until they also increase the cost of registration and introduce motorbike specific penalties? These are real possibilities. They already apply the law as it exists differently to us. It's the next logical step.

    Stand up and be heard or we will be trampled.
  16. How about you all join the MCC of NSW so that we can all be united in this fight, instead of Netrider organising one thing and Australian Streetfighters arranging another, while the MCC has 40 Clubs and their members working together...

    United We Ride,
    Divided We Walk.
  17. Buckets speaks wonderful wisdom.
  18. http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/


    turns out i CAN'T get involved
  19. Join the state mra first.
  20. I can't even read the MCC forums...let alone join them. If they want to be private and exclusive props to them. Netrider will hopefully fill a void of members whom have no access to it.


    I really hope the MCC get their act together and do some more recent updates to their page. I kind of get the impression they have become stagnant and at a loss of momentum...but imagine if they succeed with just 1000 motorcycles in the Sydney CBD in one slow moving group...imagine if we had 1000 going in North and South directions to completely lock down the city. Instant media attention for sensible reform.