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[NSW] Princes Hwy between Vic border and Eden

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by cougs, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. For those touring....there are approx 2km of roadworks approx 10km on the NSW side of the border, unsealed gravel / mud depending on the weather. Road gets a lot of caravan use this time of year so be careful!

  2. Thanks: any alternative? I'm going that way on Monday :(
  3. Not that I know of, without going WAY out of the way.....
  4. Monaro Hwy, 115 Klms of good twisties,
  5. ^^^
    What he said.

    I just came through there this week. Turn off at Cann River for the monaro hwy. I then turned off towards the coast (merimbula) at the Imlay rd after 59km. Imlay Rd is quite fun but not in great condition - watch for the odd pothole. Maybe best to continue up to Bombala before heading east?

    Other thing to note was the police presence between Bermagui and Moruya. I saw heaps and was followed by one for a while. I highly recommend the Tathra to Bermagui Rd to bypass a bit of the Princes Hwy.
  6. Go through to Bombala, then turn right,
    That road to Tathra, also very good,
  7. I took the Princes Highway on Monday, and thought the road was fine: and fun! Sure, there were a few bits of roadworks going on, but Bairnsdale to Eden, overnight, then on to Sydney on Tuesday saw some excellent riding.

    FWIW, I took the Putty Road on Thursday, then left the New England Highway at Armidale for the ride down to Grafton. No doubt it is another good ride, but one day I'll have to come back and try it when:

    It isn't raining
    It isn't dark
    When I have another 2 litres of fuel in the tank so that I'm not looking at running out in the dark before the next petrol stop
    When the road doesn't have 40 km of potholes
    When the cattle stop wandering across the road ;)

    But out of adversity comes good fortune, I decided enough was enough and stopped at the Nymboida Coaching Station for the night. Huge room with spa, etc, breakfast, drinks and dinner all for $125. Plus a couple of litres to get me off in the morning :D
  8. This is the condition of Imlay Rd last week: