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NSW Pre-Provisional & MOST write up

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Seth clan, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. I'm doing a write-up of the Pre-Provisional Course Day in hope that it may help others know what to expect on the day.

    I did mine at Clyde and it was heavily raining but the show went on. Take note that:-

    a) if you need to hire a bike, try to do it BEFORE the day, if your unlucky enough that there are no bikes available for rent on the day your $164 fee is forfeited and you must repay and rebook.

    b) arrive 15mins earlier as depending on the instructor/mood they can refuse you entry into the course and once again if they do so because you are late you must repay and rebook.

    c) make sure your bike is roadworthy according to the RTA rules & regulations...not according to you :LOL: ie. having a fender eliminator can cause you to be refused from the class which means that you've got two choices, walk away, repay and rebook or if they have a bike available for rent you can rent for $150 for the course.

    d) make sure you have sturdy enclosed footwear, pants (minimum jeans), long sleeve shirt and bring a jacket in case as some instructors allow long sleeve shirts whilst others will only allow jackets. Also bring gloves and helmet, but there are ones there if you need to borrow.

    My class was 8:30am - 4:30pm

    8:30 am - 10:30am - Classroom work including:-
    - Read "rules" sheet
    - Sign table to state you have understood above "rules" and at the same time you must show your Learner's license to instructor.
    - Instructor goes one-by-one to see your helmet AS1698 sticker.
    - Revision on Learner's "Road Craft"
    - Talks/writes up what the MOST entails. What you'll loose points for (putting feet down, forgetting head checks etc), what your allowed to do/not allowed to do etc.

    10:30am - 10:50 - Morning tea

    10:50am - 11am - Instructor checks the "owner-owned" bikes to make sure it's roadworthy.
    He will particularly check that break/indicator lights work and that your L plates are visibly seen and all bike parts are there. 2 people were refused on the day, one was missing a chain cover and the other had a cracked handlebar.

    11am - 1pm - You will now have entered the "riding" arena and you will be practicing including:-
    - Going around the arena with your bikes.
    - Two at a time will ride down in low speeds one way, then normal speed and emergency stop the other way.
    - 2 groups of 3 alternate between doing figure 8's...it's a huge one though, like the whole arena but consists of cones that you must stop/give way depending on instructions.
    - After both groups have had turns, the whole class will start riding through the figure 8's altogether.
    - Changes the course commencing with the cone weave, give-way sign, right u-turn, going through a tight corner, going straight on normal speed and then doing an emergency stop at the end.

    ^I could have missed a course/exercise but basically the Instructor every half an hour or thereabouts will change the circuit but generally the skills developed through all the different exercises are:-

    - Cornering
    - Slow speed manoeuvring
    - Emergency stopping
    - U-turns
    - Cone Weave

    And the figure 8 one is for road craft ie. you stop/slow down to give way when needed and you don't travel too close to the other riders.

    1pm - 2pm - Lunchtime

    2pm - 2:30pm - Getting ready for your group ride. He'll just check you've got your license, put your "green...I'm visible vests", rules regarding the road ride, show us where we're going on the map and telling us how the ride will go ie. we must stop x amount of time, and he'll rotate his position.

    2:30 pm - 3:15pm - Group road ride...this is normally an hour apparently, but it was raining heavily so we took less time. We stopped 3 times, each time the Instructor will ask a question regarding road craft safety, make sure we're aware of our surroundings etc. He'll also show you on the map where we're going next.

    3:30pm - 4:30pm - MOST (Motorcycle Operator Skills Test)
    - He walks you through the test, like you literally have to walk with him.
    - Each person will do the whole test individually one at a time...you will be stopped if you accumulate over 8pts at whichever exercise you have completed.

    If you fail you can resit the MOST ie. you can rebook for $47 and only do the last hour and a half ie. you don't have to come back and do the whole day. This is assuming you passed the Pre-P's course, but if you are there till this stage then you have passed. Rules state that you must stay till everyone finishes the test and you go back to the classroom whether you pass or not, some Instructors allow you to go home straight away if you fail but ensure that you discuss and confirm, because if you leave and they didn't want you to, you can be made to do the whole day again ie. they fail you for the course.

    MOST - There are 4 circuits/exercise that you will be tested on:-

    1st test - Take off from "T" don't forget head checks, take a left 90 degree turn corner without touching two lines and stop with your front wheel inside the box, no speed specifications.

    2nd test - Start at "T" cone weave through 5 cones and ride down to the start of the U-turn box and commence your U-turn, stop beside Instructor. Must be done slow speed.

    3rd test - Start at "T", wait for Instructor's signal to begin, ride down doing 20-25 km/hr and once your front wheel passes through the yellow cones emergency stop, do not move from where you stopped.

    If you do not do at least 20k's/hr you will be allowed to repeat a 2nd time. If you still don't do 20k's/hr the 2nd time you fail. If you don't stop in their specified length for the speed you are doing 1st time you get to retry, 2nd time you accumulate points.

    4th test - Start at "T" ride, wait for signal, ride down at least 20k's/hr and once your front wheel passes through the yellow cones swerve left/right (upon Instructor's instructions) to miss the half tennis ball on the ground and then swerve back and exit within the lane which is marked with 4 tennis balls.

    If you don't do 20k's/hr+ you will be allowed to re-do a 2nd time, if you still don't do 20k's/hr+ the 2nd time it's an instant fail. If you mess up this last exercise ie. hit a cone/don't swerve/hit a tennis ball/don't exit in the correct lane and you've done it twice already it's also an instant fail.

    This is the best site for the MOST, it shows you in video what the test consists of and it's very precise.

  2. Good write up... what seems to be the thing that most people forget (to ensure their bike is road-worthy) is whether their horn works or not. When I did the MOST, 3 out of 6 people's horns didn't operate although the instructors managed to get 'em going.

    I did mine at HART (St Ives) and we seemed to do a lot more "in the saddle" than you did at Clyde. We stated riding at 10am after an 8.30 start and did the group ride before lunch. This allowed about 1 hour for specific MOST practice after lunch.
  3. I forgot this one...I checked this at home but our Instructor didn't check on the day, but I think it depends on what the Instructor remembers because like I said on my post above, he declined over a missing chain cover.

    Yeah I think it depends on the Instructor as another Instructor in Clyde, I think theirs was the 8am-3.30pm class did the Road Ride before lunch, but generally it's classroom, practice, road ride and MOST.
  4. Old thread, but I´d just like to give the OP some credit for a nice write up. I did the Pre-provisional and MOST a week ago (in Botany, Sydney) and everything went down pretty much as described above, so this is still valid (even though it was written five years ago).

    Also, I´d like to point out the importance of having a road-worthy bike and doing the head checks at the MOST. One guy was missing the little ball thingy on the tip of the brake lever (probably came off during a drop or fall), which made hos bike not road-worthy.
    During the MOST, even though the teacher had told us a zillion times to do our head checks (and that even if you do everything perfect you can still fail the whole thing on the head checks alone), 3 out of 7 people failed the MOST because they forgot the head checks.... So don't forget your head checks!
  5. Do they care if the bike has a louder than stock slip on exhaust
  6. Great description - did mine on Saturday at Tuggerah (Central Coast) and this reflected most of what occurred.

    A couple of additional notes:
    - One person failed the test based on one attempt at the Quick Stop.
    The rider was overspeed (prob close to 30km/hr) and was automatically failed (9 demerits?) - the only mistake made on the test to that point.

    - Just so people are aware - the MOST allows for an instructor to exercise discretion in repeating the test if the speed is wrong - but they don't have to, as part of the test is to examine your throttle control.
    - If your instructor is in a good mood - they might do that - if not, they might not.

    Just so everyone goes in with their eyes open.
  7. I think a second attempt will only be given if you are under 20 kmph, not if you are over. The testing area has a speed limit of 25 kmph and 2nd gear max.

    Went for my P's on the 25th of Sept in horrendous weather, traffic and shocking drivers on the road ride. After the instructor took us through a flooded underpass my bike didn't run the same after that. Had issues with it for the rest of the day, then the power kept dipping and was hard to start, had to keep clutch starting it. Made it through all the practice before the most, no mistakes at all. Clutch started the bastard again to do the actual MOST and it was playing up severely, instructor kept ignoring me when I said it was playing up, wouldn't let me use a hire bike. Then it ended up biting the dust all together when it came to the quick stop and that was the end of my run... aced the rest of the day only to have the bike fail me. So angry..
  8. herhondaherhonda Did my pre learner on the coast, really glad I didn't do the MOST there, Book in next time down at St Ives, pretty easy run down the freeway and I'm sure you'll find it a more enjoyable experience.
  9. Update... The person in question re attempted and completed the test! We are now a two rider family again!
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  10. I've already booked in to go again at Tuggerah :/
  11. Sounds like you were blitzing it anyway, get your wheels sorted?
  12. I was! That's why I was so cranky! lol. Yes and No, it's still running a bit rough.