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NSW Pre Learner Course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ShoveLhead, May 19, 2005.

  1. Exactly how "hard' is this Pre Learner course to complete? And how come I have heard stories of people stacking and getting kicked out etc...

    I guess if you just do what is asked then you pass ;)

    Anyways only 1 day to go!!! I'm more excited than Marcus Ambrose about to win his first ever race, with 1 lap to go... Can't believe I've waited almost a month now!!!

    Knowing my luck some idiot will run into the back of my car or something on the way to the course, followed by my car not being able to start. Then I will have to book the course again and wait another month :(((

    Anyone else had a problem like that? They reckon it gets booked out alot all the time..
  2. Don't worry about it; it's (almost) impossible to fail. Just consider it a training course and enjoy yourself.

    It's supposed to be FUN! :D
  3. the pre learner course is designed for people that have never laid eyes upon a bike let alone ridden one... you'll be fine :)
  4. Thanks dudes, i'm goin to sleep then when I wake up its off to the course!!! Let yas know how I go

  5. Thanks dudes, i'm goin to sleep then when I wake up its off to the course!!! Let yas know how I go

  6. whereabouts are you doing it?
  7. how'd it go?
  8. josh at queanbeyan NSW.

    Tommi, I passed man!!!! You'll love it, once you get to know how to basically operate it, its awesome fun even if its just 25km/h still an awesome experience, specially when ya lean into corners and countersteer before it... watch out for the really novice riders though, they hindered a few of us who were alright at it... a couple of mistakes I made were:

    1) overtaking slower unconfident riders

    2) stalling the bike twice

    3) going into 3rd gear (you can only go into 1st and 2nd)

    but we all passed at the end of the day (there were 5 of us)
  9. Nice one man! Congrats!

    cheers for the pointers! good luck with your rta test tomorow.. did you book a time in or do you just go and do it?
  10. Tommi, I just walked in and paid the $32 for the test then when I aced it, I paid $16 for the "R" stamp / licence..

    Man have fun with yer course this week, you'll *censored* love it!!!!