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[NSW] Power Out, King Georges Road Beverley Hills

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by NiteKreeper, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Not sure if it's still out, but there were quite a few plod on point duty at Stoney Creek and the intersection above the station this morning.
    Not a great idea to come splitting over the hill from Hurstville 8-[

  2. I heard this on the traffic reports this morning; I can't imagine the chaos with that intersection being on the blink.....
  3. I came through just before 7am and I have to say the lads in blue had it well controlled - a little slow of course, but no real dramas.
  4. wait till just before 8 to see real dramas.
  5. So my day started, and then ended surrounded by coppers!
    Someone left a "suspicious package" behind in the coffee shop of my building, which resulted in half of Parramatta being shut down while it was investigated!
    Had to wait an hour until I was allowed to gt my bike out, so it's nice to finally be home with a glass of cheap domestic lager :)
  6. domestic lager will do it
    myself 3 slabs of vb for a $100 and the killers on dvd
    creates a feel good illusion i am happy to live in
    esp if i have had a 400km run and no scratches on the bike
    ps i dont drink the 3 slabs all at once haha