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NSW police useless!

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Hondamick, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. OK hear is my story.
    I found a bike on Gumtree in Victoria for sale. CBR954 03model for $2500.
    Not a bad deal I think to myself. So I go round for a look comes with a bit of a sus story and the VIN has been removed.
    So I note down frame and engine number and pay $22 online and it comes up as being stolen in NSW. Ok so after calling NSW police general inquires I get transfered to Albury police station (why Albury I don't know) where I wait on hold for 10 minutes before hanging up. I call back direct after 5 minutes and have some rude copper basic tell me that I was rude for hanging up (after 10 minutes I give up) and number 2 he can't tell me anything about the bike and didn't want to know a thing.
    I pleaded with him that I have a reported stolen bike and if he can't help me what should I do? Pretty much got the "i can't release info over the phone" So tough luck....

    Moral of the story. If you have your bike stolen in NSW don't bother holding hope of the police recovering it they couldn't care less.
    The second moral is that I think I'm going to become a theif in NSW because with cops like that in NSW you would have to be a retart to get caught.

  2. Ha bad luck mate. God it's so frustrating I know.
    Qld is the go for crims though. The crim has more rights than the victim. Even if they threaten your life. You touch them and you will be doing more time than them if they did whack you.
  3. Been there before. Not with a bike though, was trying to report a stash of stolen goods and the police just didn't care? Who knows...
  4. Did you ask to speak to a senior officer.. not a desk jockey? but it is a bit retarded that you're reporting a stolen bike.. and they won't do anything about it..

    obviously not important enough to worry about..
  5. Tell them you saw the bike speeding down the road on its back wheel and the rider wasnt wearing a helmet and you saw where it parked. They will put out an APB on it then.
  6. Perhaps mention it is currently located near the donut shop or maccas?
  7. Have you tried your local victorian cop shop? they may be interested about a stolen bike in there backyard no matter where it was stolen from.
    Just give them the details and location, don't ask for any of the owners details as they wont release them to you
  8. Yeah, thats why you don't let them know it was you and give 'em some hardass balalava justice.

    Seriously though, if you've been wronged in any way you will prevail in the system if you get onto the right person. Even if you have to drop a few choice words such as 'failure to perform duty' or 'willing negligence of a crime commited' ;)

    - boingk
  9. Call Crimestoppers? At least they are used to dealing directly with reports over the phone and are probably required to make a report.
    Someone is missing their bike and somene is soon to be taken for a ride.
  10. Seeing it's in Victoria VicPol would have to deal with it on NSWPol part so go to your local Cop Shop and pass on the details.
  11. Anonymously report criminal activity
    Crime Stoppers
    Telephone: 1800 333 000
  12. Why would you call NSW cops? The bike is in Vic, they have to deal with it. Either report it to crime stoppers or go visit/call the police station nearest to where the bike is located so it's in their area of command.
  13. Go and buy the bike if they cant be bothered recovering it lol
  14. Tell 'em you think you saw a gun on the property & that should kick 'em into gear.
  15. Before I did a REVS check (they call it something different now like a pprs check?) I went down to Vic roads gave them the number and they said it was defiantly not stolen.
    Which later conflicted with the report..so the state transport bodies don't seem to talk to each other.

    I did end up calling the local police which were much more cooperative and called me back after 5 minutes telling me that it was previously stolen but recovered.

    It just seemed like a lot of BS to go through and the response from the NSW cops I though was very lame.

    I know that each state has there own police force and department of transport but when it comes to cars and bikes that can drive over state borders I would have thought that there would be a simpler more user friendly solution.
    I did think it was interesting that when I asked the local vic copper if I can have something in writing to say it was clear that he said as it was stolen from NSW I would have to get a letter from them and said that them not giving me info on the bike was a blatant handball and wished me luck getting any sort of letter it writing statement from NSW.

    I also think it sux that the buyer or concerned honest citizen has to pay for a check if a bike is stolen.