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NSW NSW Police throws object at passing rider

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mouth, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Watch at 0:19s - NSW police throws a clipboard(?) at the head of the rider.

    Whilst this riders behaviour is certainly not condoned, throwing a dangerous object, potentially causing a dangerous or fatal accident, at the rider is culpable and criminal!

    Both the rider - and this officer - deserve the full attention of police and prosecuters.
    NSW Police - what are your doing about this officers disgusting, and potentially fatal, behaviour??

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  2. Reminds me of Const Fanning of Queensland Police.

    Police motorcyclist Senior Constable Keith Fanning attempted to intercept a fellow rider and hit the riders arm and his mirror with his baton. He was removed from motorcycle duties which resulted in him making a claim for compensation for psychological injury from being removed from motorcycle duties.

    Link: Qld Police Service v Q-Comp [2009] QGIC

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  3. Interesting video. Thanks for posting. Brings a whole new meaning to 'throwing the book at him'. :)

    That rider looks like he was already involved in a pursuit. I know we already live in a nanny state where the police shouldn't do anything that might hurt the poor criminals, but I think we've already gone too far.

    Personally I have little sympathy for the rider - he's putting more people (and innocent people at risk at that). He's the one that's acting "culpable and criminal" - far more than what the police officer did, and as a fellow bike rider I'm more disgusted at his behaviour than the cops.

    Maybe not the smartest move the cop could have made, but I see more reason to be upset at the rider than the cop.
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  4. that's pretty irresponsible on the part of the officer
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  5. Probably not or else the coppers would of known he was coming as they would of heard it over the radio.

    I can't stand abuse of power and police brutality. But take into account that a bloke is riding towards him at high speed while his standing on the road. When panic and fight or flight kicks in people do illogical things.

    Most importantly something that we can all take away from the video is that the third police car taken off has a lovely exhaust note taking off.
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  6. I thought "throwing the book at you" was only meant figuratively.
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  7. So no more pursuits however they are now allowed to knock assailants off their bike...

    The only thing worse than a tool with a motorcycle is one with a badge...
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  8. Chucking the clip board was lame...... really lame. He should be embarrassed with himself.
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  9. The most annoying thing about this for the NSW police Hierarchy will be that footage exists.

    They will come out say he's been spoken to and the words spoken will be along the lines of

    Geez guys how many times have we told you if you're going to do something make sure you KNOW there's no cameras around
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  10. The police will say that the rider was going so fast he created a vortex that sucked the clipboard out of the officer's hand and it was completely unavoidable.
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  11. LOL! That was useless. Now someone has to go and pick that litter up. Isn't that littering? That's a $500 fine right there.

    Looks like the biker was being pursued by the police car. You can see the car coming down the bend. If the police car has camera mounted then all they have to do is check footage,check rego and wait at his home.
    Unless of course the bike is stolen.
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  12. It's on 9 news shortly, be interesting to see what they say
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  13. Lol, Georgie Gardner said 'Police had no option other than jumping out of the way and 'tossing' a clipboard'
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  14. #14 Justus, Nov 7, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2015
    Perhaps it was an automatic reflex last ditch action to stop fleeing motorist? Sometimes you don't think - you just do it?

    Link: Policeman rammed car into vehicle, then blamed driver

    There are two netriders who police have attempted to or successfully rammed when attempting to avoid a traffic stop eg. It was me being chased by the cop on Ormond Esplanade

    A ROGUE policeman rammed a random motorist’s car before bashing and charging him with serious offences, a court has heard.

    Constable Brennan Roberts leaves the County Court.

    Link: 16.10.2014 Constable Roberts fined $3000 & released with no conviction


    Higgins J.(1)


    Negligence - Duty of care - Standard of care - Police pursuit driver to pursued offender - Road block.

    HIGGINS J. This is a claim by the plaintiff for damages for personal injury sustained by him when the motor cycle he was riding collided with a motor vehicle then being driven by a police officer employed in the service of the defendant.

    2. The police officer, Sergeant (then Constable) Phillip Bradley Newton of the Australian Federal Police, was, at the time of the collision, driving a marked police car. The collision occurred on 7 August 1986 at about 2.30pm on the eastern carriageway of Haydon Drive between the intersections of that road and Ginninderra Drive and College Street in the Belconnen area.

    3. The plaintiff, with a pillion passenger on board, was proceeding in a southerly direction along Haydon Drive. The carriageway was for vehicles travelling south only. Sergeant Newton was travelling north. He crossed from the western carriageway onto the eastern carriageway, causing an approaching motor vehicle to brake heavily. He turned his police vehicle across in front of that vehicle, effectively blocking most of the eastern carriageway. The plaintiff attempted to avoid the police vehicle but clipped the front of it diverting off the carriageway towards the eastern side and colliding with a light standard.

    4. He suffered serious physical injuries. As well as extensive lacerations, abrasions and bruising, the plaintiff suffered a compound fracture of the left femur. The outside aspect of the plaintiff's left leg was severely lacerated. It required extensive skin grafts but remains grossly disfigured.

    5. There was considerable injury to both legs. The plaintiff has had considerable pain and suffering. He remains moderately disabled. He cannot squat or carry heavy objects. He can lift such objects but not walk with them. He has had employment cutting firewood during the colder months. He has also had employment installing sprinkler systems during the warmer months.

    Link: Trevor Winter v Commonwealth [1992] ACTSC


    Just saw your post. Yep, reflex action claimed :LOL:

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  15. That's game! Taking on the cops in a pursuit on an RS125
  16. Another example of the fine work our police force does on a daily basis.

    I just shake my head and wonder what it would be like these days if we didn't have cameras.
  17. im voting police on this one, im pretty cut throat when it comes to laws and people griefing the police. first time i watched the video i saw the police officer further down the road walking away/behind from a car he'd just stopped, it looked close the distance between him and the rider - not good. The police officer closer to the camera probably saw a rider just miss his mate and another police officer, knee jerk reaction - hockey check the rider.

    I don't condone abuse of power, but those guys are keeping the bad/drunk drivers off the road for us, keeping us safe, play nice.

    Cheers Chris.
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  18. #18 fruechtel, Nov 8, 2015
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    I agree in this case; the guy on the bike did not stop because he knew he was in trouble for whatever reason. He obviously had broken the law even before he ran the police check point. I think anyone who condemns this police action should make a resolution never to call the cops if something goes wrong, be it on the road or at home.
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  19. He should have just hit the rider with a flying head kick.
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  20. Not sure if true, but I heard the bike was stolen and unregistered. Rider crashed a little while after this video, broke some bones and was arrested. If that's the case, rider got what he deserved. Hopefully the bike was insured.

    Chucking the clipboard at the idea was dumb though, If he'd crashed there and at that speed, more people may have been injured and vehicles damaged.
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